Going to strip club alone

Would it be so bad if I visited a gentleman's club solo?
I'm somewhat new around here and don't really know many people. I haven't been to a strip club since I was in my early 20s. My game plan would consist of dressing nicely but not over-doing it, having a drink, tipping well, and just kinda dropping in to check out the scene, preferably on a busier night. I want to go but am kinda afraid. Still debating.

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  • I've visited a gentlemen's club a couple of times. Once I went solo. It was nbd, seriously. Maybe it was different for me because I'm female. -shrug-

  • Bullshit.and you know it

  • You will be fine. I went for a visit 20 yrs later and actually worked out better than when I was young. I didnt act like a hungry kid but a laid back business guy. Dancers were very friendly and cordial. Take plenty of tip money. A guy was there I knew who was a regular. He clued me in if one of them offered a VIP room visit for 300.00 I was in. I asked what do you get for 300.00? He said anything I want. I was asked later on but I passed. It was a fun night so go give a whirl.

  • Be prepared to be sad 😒 and lonely 😩

  • Your plan is perfect. Don't worry over appearances. Your attire and attitude are entirely appropriate, and you will make a grand impression on a number of the dancers. Please don't worry over it, and just go, have drinks, buy drinks for a girl you fancy, relax, and have fun. You'll be going back again before you know it. Believe me.

  • You'd come over as a bit creepy I'm afraid mate.
    Give it a little longer till you've got some new friends then suggest going thenπŸ‘

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