Ultimate dream

My ultimate dream is to have a couple dozen friends over, especially the girls, for a sleepover and sit on their bellies while we watch all of the Star Wars movies and have popcorn with ample salt and butter.

What's yours?

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  • Sitin thier bellies wtf .. Weird and stupid

  • I have a Dream , happy MLK to all my brothers

  • It's hardly on a par with Martin Luther King's dream.

  • I'm fed up of that n.i.g.g.e.r. MLK

  • Scum

  • Yep,MLK was true definition of scum,they way he acted all high and mighty,yet was a hypocrite of the worst order.
    Totally agree with you

  • Some people must be really, really desperate to make a racist comment, if they have to scroll through all these unrelated posts just to seek out such an opportunity.

  • Their brain dead...

  • I think you'll find it's *they're* that you're looking for! You may find me racist,but at least I can spell!!

  • My 'ultimate dream' would to be a Sith Lord. I would use 'the force' to step out of the TV and use my light saber to disembowel those in the room, particularly those eating popcorn.

  • Mine would be turning up at your house,and punching you in the face as hard as I could as you opened the door.
    I would repeatedly punch you whilst a crowd of everyone on here WHO ARE FED UP OF THE F****** BELLY FETISH FREAKS stands and cheers me on.
    We'd then go to the pub and celebrate.
    You neckbeards really are something. I bet you have a Fedora!!
    Lame a*** fat freak.
    That would be my ultimate dream.

  • Haha!! Id buy you a drink😅 belly sitters are weird

  • You the man

  • You sound mean.

  • Shut up. The belly fetishists-- all 2 or 3 of them-- have saturated this site along with the "look at me I'm a dude in panties" jagoffs (probably the same people). Can't handle feedback? Get off the internet!

  • 🙏AMEN

  • I can guarantee you would end that evening very drunk, having not had to purchase a single drink.

  • A******....

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