Ultimate dream

My ultimate dream is to have a couple dozen friends over, especially the girls, for a sleepover and sit on their bellies while we watch all of the Star Wars movies and have popcorn with ample salt and butter.

What's yours?

Jan 7, 2019

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  • Like what the f*** sister kk and my heads reked kk sister and my mom and uncle have stuff too do they said sister kk and said my aunt is minding me sister kk and my b**** aunt said she is meeting her friend and i have to go with her sister kk and i should be able to stay home on my own sister kk and i was text you for hours kk sister and i got angry and called my uncle a w***** sister kk and he put soap in my mouth kk sister and he bathed me sister kk and spanked me in bath and dryed me sister kk and spanked me and put me to bed sister kk and i dont want to go with my aunt later sister kk heres huggs for yous all and can i talk to your grandad please sister kk

  • Daughter here is a hug from me. I do miss you a bunch. You are going through a very rough time. I am here for you.

  • I have to go with my freaking aunt kk and i hate going with her kk and will i call you daddy if it allright kk huggs kk

  • That will be fine daughter you are fantastic and I love you.

  • At least i have my phone kk and we are going. soon kk huggs kk and weres my sister kk is she studieing kk daddy

  • Yes daughter she has a exam today so she will be busy with that. I love you so much and thank you for the hug.

  • You no i still have to studie and even though im not in school daddy kk and it sucks kk can you stay there even when im out with my aunt kk huggs daddy kk

  • Daughter we can cuddle while we ride you could sit on my lap OK?

  • Cheers daddy kk and my aunt said were going in a minute and allways have to sit in back daddy kk

  • Daughter that is awesome. What did you have to wear going there?

  • What do you mean daddy kk huggs daddy kk

  • Are you wearing a skirt or wearing pants ?

  • Sorry daddy kk im wareing skirt kk daddy huggs daddy kk

  • So you could sit on me and I will feel the heat from your bum better.

  • I lifted it daddy kk

  • Im in car daddy kk will i lift my skirt up at back daddy kk

  • Daughter I can rub your thighs.

  • Kk daddy and can you. see my panties daddy kk. and guess what colour daddy kk and 3 guesses kk

  • They are white with pink hearts on them.

  • They are white daddy kk but have balloons on them kk daddy

  • Daughter those look cute on you and you do have hot buns.

  • Thanks kk daddy and i hate in the car daddy kk

  • Are you trying?

  • What if my aunt sees me kk daddy

  • She would have to have the rear view mirror positioned to see in back. Are you sitting behind her?

  • Im getting so bored daddy kk

  • Can you look at you tube and look for body painting.

  • My aunts friend is being smart daddy kk huggs daddy kk

  • Daughter is your uncle your mom's brother?

  • This is boreing with the daddy kk

  • No daddy kk my aunt is my moms sister kk daddy

  • Thank you for clarifying that for me. I love you.

  • What you doing daddy kk

  • Looking at you tube body painting. Daughter.

  • Its not rite daddy kk

  • Im in car again daddy kk huggs daddy kk

  • We are going back to my aunts friends daddy kk and i got smacked in shops kk daddy and my aunt said i be sorry when we get back to her friends kk daddy

  • Oh no daughter 😢.

  • I hardley done even anything daddy kk

  • She just wants to see you nude.

  • We are nearly at her friends kk daddy and her friend is saying im bold daddy kk and said im rude and deserve a smacked a*** daddy kk and my aunt spanked my panties in a cafe kk daddy

  • Oh no daughter 😢. Not again.

  • My aunt said to get shower daddy kk and come down daddy kk and not fair daddy kk and my aunts friend said she is given my aunt wooden spoon daddy kk and she has a big girl like 14 or 15 i dont no daddy kk and she is down stairs kk daddy

  • I need to talk to you kk daddy

  • What daughter? I am here for you.

  • Were staying here daddy kk and my aunt spanked me with wooden spoon kk daddy after shower and her friend made me go to a corner daddy kk and wacked my bum and said for curseing at her daddy kk and her daughter even seen me kk daddy

  • Daughter did you go hug her?

  • Why would i do that daddy kk

  • Just to give her a rise daughter.

  • What will i do kk daddy

  • But i have no clothes on daddy kk

  • She took your clothes away daughter?

  • Its hurting so bad daddy kk

  • Your butt is?

  • I said yes daddy kk

  • I am so sorry to hear that I love you so much daughter.

  • Its fine daddy kk im sorry daddy kk

  • I dont mean to be cheeky daddy kk

  • I need to put some cream on them to soothe you.

  • My heads recked daddy kk

  • I am sorry ☹️ daughter. I love you.

  • You never hugged me daddy kk i have go down to my aunt kk daddy and she said get lend of her friends hairbrush daddy kk and she f** brought my books for studies kk daddy huggs yous all kk daddy

  • Here is a hug daughter and a tight one for you. I love you.

  • My aunt is a b**** daddy kk huggs. daddy kk

  • Daughter what is your aunt complaining about now?

  • She left me with her friend kk daddy and her friend spanked me kind of for no reason daddy kk

  • They just love to see your nude bum daughter.

  • I called her a w**** kk daddy because she recked my head daddy kk huggs kk daddy

  • How many guy's has she been with if she is a w****. Daughter how do you know?

  • Stop be smart daddy kk

  • You are wonderful daughter you do have a sense of humor and I love you so much.

  • Sorry daddy kk i thought you were be cheeky daddy kk huggs kk daddy

  • Daughter I was not bending over showing you my cheeks.


  • Thats funny daddy kk and i only have panties on daddy kk because my b**** aunt told her friend i might try run out kk daddy

  • You are dressed more than I am.

  • Daughter you have more on than me.

  • Very funny kk daddy her doughter is here kk and her big son is come home soon daddy kk huggs kk daddy

  • Maybe you will see him shower?
    Daughter you are awesome and I love you so.

  • No way daddy kk i love you even more kk daddy kk

  • Wow daughter you really have grown up. I love you so much.

  • Realy i have you think daddy kk

  • Daughter you talk to me like a grown up person with brains and manners. I love you so much.

  • It reck my head daddy kk hugs you daddy kk i wanted to chat kk daddy and huggs to you daddy kk and all yous kk daddy

  • Sweet daughter thanks for the hugs.

  • My b**** aunts friend took my phone daddy kk and i got spanked in front of son and daighter kk daddy and i have stay here for a while daddy kk and my c*** aunts friend is go to spank me and woke me up and said get shower and she had a wooden spoon daddy kk its not rite kk daddy huggs yous all daddy kk and my aunt said her friend is a teacher daddy kk and said go straten me out daddy kk and weres my sister daddy kk and her mommy daddy kk

  • Hello sis you have been having a red butt for days and have been nude all this time. You are like me now nude as can be.We will put some soothing cream on your butt.
    We love you sis.

  • Why they doing it kk sister and sheb
    was a teacher my aunt said kk sister and she said put manner on me sister kk and for no reason sister kk and i rubbed my bum sister kk when she spanked me andbshe said no rubb sister kk and smacked my hands with ruler 5 times on each hand kk sister amd whats unruly mean sister kk

  • Unruly means not minding. I wish I was there with you I would protect you. I love you.

  • I so wish you were here kk sister and thats not nice sister kk and said i go coperate or be a sorry little madam sister kk heres huggs sister kk

  • Sis I love your hugs you are great my sister.

  • I should run kk sister and no im not great sister kk

  • Sister you going to run in your panties? It is only 45 degrees outside.

  • I so freak hate it here sister kk

  • Well i can try find my clothes sister kk

  • Sister you know what happens when you run. You get such a beating you hurt for days.

  • Who the f*** they think the are sister kk

  • Its my butt and legs at top sister kk

  • Sister did they hit your slit? That hurts real bad.Oh sis I wish I was there.

  • I should get a knife a stick it in her rite now sister kk

  • Im head recked sister kk and im not a baby kk sister and she was make me studie an all sister kk and sit on hard chair kk sister and said that word unruly to me sister kk amd called me a freak little madam and say i will not answer back cheeky and said im go to be respect adults kk sister and my b**** aunt or one of them told her loads of things i did sister kk and she said how dare me ever ever do them things kk sister

  • She laid down the law to you better listen and obey. Then no more spankings.

  • You think its freak fair sister kk

  • I got get a knife and maybe hurt her sister kk

  • You not meant to say that to me sister kk i mean kk sister

  • You hurt her by knifing her they will put you away for sure.

  • Why yous ignore me sister kk huggs kk sister

  • I dont no what i even did kk sister and yous are f***. reck my head sister kk and i hope yous all are sorry sister kk and f*** my c*** mom and friend sister kk and yous sister kk i gave you huggs sister kk

  • Sasha daughter we got our electricity back and are recharging our phones. It is getting warm in the house to take clothes off again. We had a ice storm that knocked out power lines all over the place.
    You thought we left you but we are here now.
    We love the hugs and we love you.

  • I hate them kk daddy

  • Why wont you answer me daddy kk

  • I was out of bread so I mixed another batch in the bread machine to bake. I might have to make trip to store for more things.

  • Its block kk daddy

  • I want to be with you daddy kk heres huggs daddy kk and whats my sister doing kk

  • Daughter Emma and her mom are taking a shower together.
    Thank you for the hugs.

  • Kk daddy and the the womans friend is come soon kk daddy and she said shes go spank me with them here dady kk and i cant even get dressed daddy kk

  • It seems they are used to seeing people naked for spankings. I just do not understand why they are wearing clothes to spank.

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  • Im in bed kk daddy and f** did it daddy kk

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  • Yous must hate me kk sister i cant sleep kk heres huggs sister kk

  • Yous all go and f*** of kk

  • I dont no what the f*** i did on you sister kk and you should only agree with me kk sister and f*** her and all them sister kk and i bet your mommy and grandad agree with me sister kk and i f*** even gave yous huggs sister kk

  • Thanks for ignoreing me sister kk and i cant even stop crying kk sister and i had to do chores sister kk and i picked up a knife kk sister and even her son now spanked me kk sister and i think she spanks her daughter and she is big sister kk and she said never raise my hand kk sister to her or anybody kk sister so good night sister kk and huggs later

  • Why did you f*** stick up for her sister kk and nearly got out sister kk and im in bad f*** trouble sister kk

  • Then why you agree with them sister kk

  • I hare the boy kk daddy

  • I dont no what to say kk daddy huggs daddy kk

  • I better go sleep daddy kk and can we hugg daddy kk

  • Its fine daddy kk huggs you daddy kk

  • I can only see vasline daddy kk huggs daddy kk

  • Kk daddy and its not rite daddy kk huggs you daddy kk

  • Yes daddy kk and my legs at back kk daddy huggs you daddy and is my sister in bed daddy kk

  • Yes when i was in shower daddy kk

  • I cant beleave it kk daddy

  • Were out at shops with her friend daddy kk and im bored kk daddy

  • Daughter you could finger your bump while riding.

  • Can you find me sister kk please

  • Im waiting here sister kk

  • I see it still is blocking.

  • Sis how far did you get the handle in?

  • I stopped because im crying kk sister

  • Why sis?

  • Are you going to come back sister kk

  • I just thought maybe you would not look for me kk sister huggs sister kk

  • Sis you were feeling good right why stop?

  • I do it again so kk sister

  • Good sis I am proud of you.

  • I've just punched your sister in the face fa.gg.ot.
    What are you gonna do about it?👊

  • Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalal
    f***** lover get your p**** out of his mouth and put it in my sisters mouth for a change.

  • Maybe we can both suck on you and then we will bite it off.

  • This is so dumb kk sister and my uncle is makeing me get up and studie sister kk and even though i dont have school sister kk and said to come down and bring my hairbrush kk sister and its not rite kk sister and heres huggs for yous all kk sister

  • Sis your daily spanking is useless.They just do not understand, It is like they are enjoying inflicting pain on you.
    Sis studies are fine even on days off.
    Sis thank you for hugs they feel great.

  • What you at now kk sister huggs kk sister

  • I am back home now and was doing some studies.I will have exam Tuesday.
    Sis how are you doing?

  • I am like over an hour try get you kk sister its reck my head sister kk and what you at sister kk heres huggs for yous all kk sister

  • Sis they were blocking you that long. Now they are bold.
    I love you sis

  • I love you sis.

  • Im here sister kk

  • My heads reked kk sister huggs sister kk

  • Im try my best kk sister and huggs you kk sister

  • Their so dumb sister kk and its not rite sister kk and why studie when i have no school kk sister and i get lunch sister kk huggs sister kk

  • Were you kk sister heres huggs sister kk

  • Ha ha sister kk he is dopey huggs sister kk

  • How old are you? May mean that I will stop punching you. I'll still hit your brother for trying to bite me

  • Sitin thier bellies wtf .. Weird and stupid

  • I have a Dream , happy MLK to all my brothers

  • Mine would be turning up at your house,and punching you in the face as hard as I could as you opened the door.
    I would repeatedly punch you whilst a crowd of everyone on here WHO ARE FED UP OF THE F****** BELLY FETISH FREAKS stands and cheers me on.
    We'd then go to the pub and celebrate.
    You neckbeards really are something. I bet you have a Fedora!!
    Lame a*** fat freak.
    That would be my ultimate dream.

  • Haha!! Id buy you a drink😅 belly sitters are weird

  • You the man

  • You sound mean.

  • Shut up. The belly fetishists-- all 2 or 3 of them-- have saturated this site along with the "look at me I'm a dude in panties" jagoffs (probably the same people). Can't handle feedback? Get off the internet!

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