Life with older sisters, we laugh about it now

Grew up in a home with four older sisters. Many sexual experiences. This one time stands out in my mind though. My parents had several homes in different states. On this occasion they were away for two weeks and summer vacation had just started. My oldest sister was 21, then 20, 18 and 16. Well my 16 year old sister had a sleepover with eight of her friends and I knew all of them from school. all my sisters were home for this sleepover and my oldest sister also had two friends sleeping over. So I was the only boy there with 14 extremely beautiful girls. We were all having a great night playing cards and music. Lots of stories being told when all of a sudden my oldest sister is whispering with her friends and three of my 16 year old sisters friends. I wasn’t in any type of defensive mode so in less than a minute they had grabbed me and laid me out on the kitchen table. At the same time they were stripping off my pajamas. No underwear, I was so embarrassed but screaming and laughing all at the same time and was so confused. Now, I got so hard in 2 seconds and all 14 of the girls were around the table. I heard one saying squirt it on him and felt something cold on my P****. It was whipped topping because within a second my sisters best friend was sucking my d*** and other girls were pulling on my b**** and touching me every where. I honestly loved it. There were no cell phones at that time but so many Polaroid pictures were being snapped. I felt so many fingers and hands touching & tickling me and I came so fast. I heard ooo’s and ahh’s and then they put my own c** in my mouth as well as I could hear them tasting it themselves. I was very excited. Well my clothes were kept from me and the next game they played was toss plastic rings on my P****. I was tied with scarves so I couldn’t move and I was fine with it. They used me like a doll and At one point, even shaved my pubic hair off my c*** & b**** and Also under my arms. It was the first time I had s** as well. Or I should say they had s** with me. I was on the rug tied up and they were playing with my c*** and then All started taking turns sitting on it and having s** with it. I felt like a toy but was so happy at the same time. My oldest sister even sat on my p**** for the first time that night. I don’t remember how many times I came but I still m********* to my memory of those two days and my sisters told me years later that it was all planned in advance. I married my 16 year old sisters best friend who sucked on me the first time that night and she still has those Polaroid photos. I had much incest with my sisters and I love them dearly and never felt ashamed by it.


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  • Bullshit.

  • If it is mtually agreed between two people to have s** whether incest or not others should not have problem in this.
    After all its their bodies, their pleasure and their life.

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