Congratulations mom

The other day I had a chance to take a peek at my mom's husband, He has been married to my mom for 4 years and despite their continued efforts to get me to call him my "stepdad" I don't feel comfortable saying it but he is nice, Treats us both well and they are good together.
This morning I woke up and went upstairs, Mom was gone to the gym and he was still home for whatever reason, He works a lot and honestly I don't see him much but he was still home, I could hear the shower running and I don't know why but I had a sudden urge to see if I could catch a peek at his...Manhood, I still don't know why I did it or where this sudden urge came from but I know that you can slide the pocket door to the bathroom attached to their bathroom open if someone is in the shower without them knowing, How do I know this you might ask...Well, my brothers friend did it one time when my mom was in the shower and I caught him.
I walked up to their bedroom door and peeked around the corner and right away I could tell the door was not closed all the way, I walked up and peeked in almost getting caught, he wasn't in the shower yet and was walking around the bathroom naked, I could only see him from the back at first but then he turned and walked toward the door and I was SHOCKED, I have only had my boyfriends but of course have seen some online and aside from the obvious ones that are "actors" because of their size he is probably the biggest I have ever seen on a "Real" guy. Holy crap, Long, Thick, Huge b****, He had what my boyfriend calls a semi so not all the way hard but half and it was swinging back and forth as he walked around, He stood in front of the sink and brushed his teeth then looked at himself in the mirror (He's in good shape) and then he turned to face the door but was looking at himself in the mirror.
He obviously knows he is "Hung" because he was standing there and grabbed it in his hand, Gave it a couple strokes and got it hard, I was transfixed, Staring at his package, For a guy in his 40's he has no problem getting it up and I do mean UP, My boyfriends only sticks straight out when hard but his goes right up, It is the first one I have seen without a fore skin so i don't know if that makes them look bigger or not but DAMN it is huge. I watched as he got in the shower and watched him through the clear glass doors that mom must have cleaned recently because they were totally clear. First time I have watched a guy whack it, Not super flattering but kinda hot all the same.
so in closing...Congratulations to my mom, I bet she enjoys that.


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  • How are you going to say that you can't f*** him because you have a bf but looked at his p**** with no regard for him at ALL? That double standard tf.

  • I saw my stepdad naked too. I didn't intentionally look like you did. I walked in the bathroom when he and my mom where in the shower. Really she was in the shower and he had just stepped out. I thought it was only my mom in the shower so I walked in to talk to her. I was horrify and ran out of the bathroom. My mom came to talk to me later and see if I was okay. We started talking and I told her that I saw everything. I told her she was lucky because he has a nice hunky body. I told her I would let her see my boyfriend naked so we're even. We started laughing and I felt better after that.

  • Hot

  • Part 2 ?
    Don't disappoint us.

  • Part 2? why would there be a part two?, I seen it that's all.

  • F*** him dumbo

  • Yuck, Grow up gross f****, Not gonna happen, I have a boyfriend.

  • He will f*** you then don't worry

  • She needs to let him see her naked now!

  • Yes she needs some motivation

  • Because you obviously want to have s** with him!!

  • Yawn

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