I can die a happy man

My wife has, Multiple times over our 24 years together, Ummm, Lets say...had an interlude with another female, A few times before we were together and about 6 after we were together, Once every few years she ends up with some girl. My wife had told me from day one that it not something she thinks about but just happens the odd time, However she did tell me she would never do it with me, She said it was strictly for her and if she let me join it would make it something dirty and that she would hate for it to be something I expected and not what she wanted it to be, She never had any urge to be with another guy or to see me with another girl and early on in our relationship I told her it was fine with me if she wanted to pursue her...Urges for other women.
My wife always told me when it happened, Who it was with and was ok telling me the details since she knew I enjoyed hearing about it, Mostly it has always been with one of about three girls she knows who also from time to time enjoy the company of other women, Two who are known to be into other girls but the one close friend of hers that she hooked up with one drunk night had always asked her to keep it secret and aside form me my wife has never told anyone about her, My wife assured me that she has never told her friend that I know so it is pretty hot to picture the things my wife tells me of the two of them when her friend has no idea that I know.
For my 40th birthday my wife surprised me with an experience I will always remember, My wife and this friend of hers stayed after everyone else had left, My wife grabbed my hand, Led me to the bedroom and said "Not one word, This is a one time thing and if you ever mention it or ask for it again...", I looked at her and she she knelt in front of her friend pulling her friends jeans to her ankles as she did, I have known her friend Jamie for 8-9 years and she is a very attractive woman, Married, 3 kids and fake b****, Jamie's husband has no idea about her and my wife and definitely has no idea about this. Jamie stepped out of her pants and spread her legs leaning back against the wall, My wife shuffled on her knees in between Jamie's thighs and I stood beside Jamie looking down as my wife started licking her bald p****, I knelt down beside my wife looking at Jamie's p**** as my wife licked it, Bald and pink and wet, My wife sucked her lips and licked her then looked at me and whispered "Stand up".
I stood beside Jamie again, My wife undid my pants and looked up at Jamie and Jamie reached into my pants pulling out my c***, Jamie looked down and lifted her eyebrows nodding her head as she smiled, She looked at me and I looked at her, She giggled a bit and said "Wow", As Jamie held my c*** my wife leaned in and sucked it once then started licking Jamie, Jamie was stroking me as my wife licked her, We both watched my wife as Jamie stroked me and rubbed my k*** on her pelvis and my wife's face, I put one arm around Jamie and got her to take her top off so she was soon standing naked, Jamie's t*** are amazing, Perfect, I played with her t***, Licking and sucking her nipples, Pinching and pulling them, Kissing Jamie as she held my wife by her hair, Jamie put one leg on my wife's shoulder then looked at me and said "Come with me, Come with me, Oh god...Come with me".
I grabbed Jamie by her hair with one hand, My wife by the hair with the other, Jamie put her head on my shoulder and stroked me fast and hard, I said "I'm coming", Jamie and I looked down and Jamie moaned "Oh f*** yeah" as she squeezed me hard coming at the same time as me holding my c*** so I came on her stomach and my wife's face, My wife started licking fast and wild and I tried to hold Jamie up but both of our legs were weak and she eventually pushed my wife's head away. My wife stood up and wiped her face, she and Jamie kissed and Jamie pushed her back on the bed, Jamie pulled me in so me and Jamie could lick her together, Me and Jamie kissed and licked tongues as we licked my wife until my wife stiffened up like a board and came hard screaming. She pushed us both away and after catching our breath my wife quickly led us all to the shower and made me sit on the bench as her and Jamie showered each other then she sat and rubbed herself while Jamie gave me a soapy handjob guiding my load onto my wife's b****, After the shower we all got dressed and my wife stood at the door having a long "See ya later" with Jamie then she left to walk home (8 doors away), I nailed my wife again after with my half hard c*** and she came a second time then we fell asleep holding each other.
I can honestly die a happy man now.


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  • I've just itched my bumhole and my finger smells now

  • My wife is the same only with men. She has her nights out with her friends and will eventually hook up with a guy somewhere she is out with. She admitted she feels uncomfortable trying to make it happen for me to watch. She’ll usually just give me the details once she’s home. It’s anything from a b****** to her getting doggie styled outside covered parking.
    It’s the hottest thing ever. She’s very picky but where she goes the entire location is filled with upscale bars and clubs. It’s easy.. she older but very fit and attractive.She throws them her flirting face and before you know it she’s reeled them in. We started this around 18 months ago. It started when she told me how her friend used to do this behind her hubbies back and my wife knew. I told wife I would love for her to do it but as discreetly as possible. She knows I’m bi and she’s made me so happy

  • The FMF threesome is one of the most common fantasies among men. Unfortunately most men will never fulfill this fantasy due to the unwillingness of most women to share. I am one of the few lucky ones who actually fulfilled this fantasy many times. Albeit with the same two women.

    I had been dating this woman for a couple years when she confessed that she was bisexual. She had been friends with this woman who she was interested in, but this other woman was straight as an arrow. My girlfriend got the idea that if we had a threesome she could get some action. She setup the threesome and her friend agreed without hesitation. My girlfriend was partly right. Her friend did let her touch her p****, t***, ass, and kiss her all over, but her friend was more interested in having s** with me than her. We had many many threesomes in the time span of a year until one day my girlfriend suggested that we all live together as a love triangle. Her friend refused and suggested that we end everything. Instead my girlfriend got p***** off and just ran off to another state to live with her aunt and uncle for awhile. While she was gone her friend and I continued seeing each other and eventually married. 20 years later I still haven't heard a word from my ex, but her friend and I are still happily married.

  • I once got something similar as a birthday present, as it had been my 'fantasy' in pillow talk for years. I was told to wait half an hour in the pub while she went home to our baby sitter, (her divorced friend from work) and let myself in quietly with my key) I did, to find her and her friend in a sixty nine on the couch, naturally it was less than sixty second for my clothes to come off and join in.. I screwed both of them several times that night, and watched while they made each other come too with Jeans's vibrator, it turns out she knew her friend was bisexual and had pretended to be drunk and 'come on' to her when she got home, saying I would be ages and she felt h****.. Jean admitted afterwards it wasnt even her first time tasting p****, she had 'dabbled' in her teens.. I dont care, Fantastic 40th birthday, best ever..

  • Nice..

  • So your missus told you, at the beginning of your relationship, that she likes to cheat? Also, you can't be involved in anyway, as you'd ruin it for her? Nice. She doesn't sound selfish at all....

  • I would of kept Jaime's wet panties

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