I guess i knew it would end at some point.

I am not proud of this and am not denying that i am the one who went too far but i don't think i am 100% to blame for our marriage being where it is. My husband and i were high school sweethearts but decided not to get married until after we both finished university and have been married now for 7 years but for 4 months i have been sleeping with a close friend of his a couple times a week who has met someone and told me we can't continue our relationship since he wants to as he put it "Have something real".
It started kind of by accident, Kind of by design and completely out of a moment of weakness. My husband and i have not been doing well in the bedroom for quite some time and although i am not sure why i do know that it is not my fault. I have put a lot of work into attempting to get the spark back, I work out and honestly think i look better now than i ever have, I know what he likes...Or at least says he likes and have tried it all. Dressing up, Every position you could imagine, Role playing, Pictures, Videos, Toys and i even tried a*** which was on my "never never list" and nothing works and it seems like it always starts out good and then he just gets bored and either loses his erection or just gets frustrated and can't finish unless he pulls out and finishes it himself, Its like he has lost all interest in me and no matter what i do i can't do enough to bring it back and that is unbelievably saddening and frustrating and had pretty much completely destroyed my self confidence until i started with Jamie.
Jamie and David were acquaintances in school but never really started hanging out until after Jamie dated Davids sister, They got close and even work together now hence we all moved to the same city at different times but Jamie got David the job there so we moved and although the relationship didn't last it did end kind of amicably which left their friendship intact even though Jamie wont come over if she is in town.
We had accepted an invitation to our 15 year high school reunion (Really dated myself there) and David and i took the opportunity to get away a few days before, We live two hours from our home town so we traveled to a lake close by, Stayed at a cute little cabin and i used that time to attempt to make a real reconnect with David, He pretty much used that time to watch sports and sit inside, I wore bikinis that were way smaller than i was comfortable with since there was a good chance i might see someone i knew which got attention from everyone but him, I wore nothing anytime we were inside and despite my almost uncontrollable urges i decided to not touch him unless he initiated it...Which never happened.
The day before the reunion we packed up and we were staying at a friends place in town so we arrived and Jamie was already there, We had a little party that night, Went to the reunion and after about 30 people ended up sitting around a bon fire in the backyard of the friends place we were staying at. Little by little everyone slowly disappeared and finally David and I went to bed, I had quite a bit to drink which always makes me h**** and from the multiple days of sexual frustration previous i couldn't sleep and since David had passed out almost instantaneously there was no point in even trying for more frustration and disappointment.
I knew no one would know since our friends room was upstairs and at the other end of the house and Jamie was sleeping in the room next to theirs and their kids were with the grandparents, After what seemed like an hour but was probably more like 10 minutes and after getting close a couple times I was left more frustrated than before, The mixture of booze and being in a strange place and trying to be quite made any chance of getting off impossible, I laid there crying for a few minutes then got up to get a drink of water.
I got my shorts back on and snuck up the stairs to the kitchen and Jamie was sitting at the table scrolling through his phone with a beer in his hand, I don't normally "Show off" too much but didn't expect to see anyone, I whispered "What are you doing up?" and he whispered back "everyone wussed out on me" I got a drink then turned to him, He looked up and it was obvious i had been crying, He looked sad and said "Are you ok?".
I made a split second decision that took me from devoted wife to cheating w**** and until the next morning never gave it a second thought, I puled my shorts off, Stepped out of them and straddled his lap, He leaned back with his hands up and whispered "Whoa...No, No ,No" but i looked him in the eye and said "My husband hasn't f***** me in 39 days...I need you" and kissed him, I leaned back and pulled my shirt over my head and was sitting naked on my husbands friends lap in the kitchen of another friends house and didn't care. It was electrifying, Jamie looked at my b**** and whispered "Oh my god" (I am a natural 34DD) and I could instantly feel how hard he was through his sweat pants, I was grinding on him and couldn't take it anymore, I stood up, Pulled his sweats down and dropped to my knees, Barely a minute of head and he stood me up, I straddled him again and was so wet i sat on his lap and as he slid into me i almost came right then and there but managed to hold it together and rode him for not very long before he thrust into me and we both came at the same time and after thrusting into me a few times picked me up and i wrapped my arms and legs around him. He was still hard and still inside me and carried me to the living room, Laid me on the floor and pounded me, I don't know how long it was but thank god everyone was drunk and passed out because i had to grab a pillow off the couch and cover my face as i came a second time...That's right...twice, Jamie came right after and we laid there with him inside me until we caught our breath.
We kissed then whispered as we made a pact to never speak of it again, I scrambled back downstairs and crawled into bed naked and of course in the morning David thought he wanted to have s**, I was mentally in a place i had not been in for months and felt like i didn't have a care in the world, I was on my back with my legs around his waist absolutely loving it and came again...yup...Three times in a seven hour period and then he just kept going and going and going, I didn't even care anymore and just shook my head and said "Just f****** come already" so he pulled out jerked off and i swallowed.
He got out of bed and i laid there happy and angry at the same time and then drifted off to sleep.
When i finally got out of bed I went upstairs, Jamie had already left to go home and after lunch we did too, We drove home speaking very little and i could only control myself for 4 days before showing up on Jamie's doorstep at midnight when i was supposed to be out with friends, The last 4 months have been wonderful but he has decided he needs to move on and i need to respect that, I need to either fix what i have or i may have to move on as well.


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  • Girls and women who like to drink, especially those who get tipsy or drunk, make me super-hard. I'll buy them all the booze they want, take care of them while they walk tipsy or stagger, and give them all the s** they want while they booze it up bigtime. Plus, when I drink a lot, it makes me harder, not softer, because my d*** and I both love booze. So girls and women, contact me if you like what I said!

  • Usually what we hear is the other way around. The wife that doesn't want/initiate s**. He can get hard, and he can c**, but he also sometimes goes soft, or can't finish without jerking off. Has he seen his doctor? But, even with that aside it's odd that you can walk around in sexy things or nude and he doesn't initiate s**. Don't take it personally. I don't think there's a problem with you. <3

  • Its probably both of there fault regular excercise may help lol

  • Your story made me hard. Drunk women turn me on bigtime! So do big b****. I'd love to get you drunk and pound you till you couldn't c** anymore!

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