I want to be hugely fat

I'm 5'5" and weigh 225lbs, so I've got a little belly, but I want to be much, MUCH bigger. I want to be at LEAST 350lbs. I want to be fat enough to have not seen my p**** or feet in year. I want to be fat enough that I HAVE to have slip on shoes because bending over to tie them is an impossibility. I want to be able to use my belly like a little table, reaching to my knees. I want to have to seriously look at chairs before sitting down because they might break or I might get stuck.

I know the health risks and I'll happily accept them if it means having the body I want to live in. To be the big, fat, hairy gay guy I'm meant to be!

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  • My girlfriend also loves the thought of gaining weight. She is now at her highest at 450 but wants to get to 600.

  • If she's like me she'll end up huge. I have a very loving husband and struggled with my weight, until I just said to myself " stop it & just enjoy life". I started gaining weight & found the bigger I got, the bigger I wanted to get. I'm now 650lbs and gaining.

  • Please do it in a healthy way!! Like sumo wrestlers!

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