Promiscuous me

To be honest I was (how do I say this) very promiscuous when I was younger. I had a LOT of boyfriends in highschool and college. Not long after I graduated I met my husband and soon became a mother. I was dedicated to my new life and left my promiscuous lifestyle behind me. With my old lifestyle in the past I felt it unnecessary to tell my husband just how many guys I had actually been with. For 10 years that worked fine until an old college friend called to say she wanted to reconnect. My husband and I went to dinner with my old friend, but somewhere along the way we got to feeling pretty good. That is when my friend felt it necessary to tell my husband just how promiscuous I was. Obviously this was shocking information and my husband became angry with me. This began our reality for days, then weeks, and now months. I have been called a s*** so many times that I decided to go back to my promiscuous lifestyle. While my husband hangs out with his friends at the bar, I am bedding down guys that I meet online, at work, at my sons school, at the grocery store, and wherever else I can find. I sit here tonight writing this confession, my lover has left for the evening, my husband will not be home till morning.

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  • Pat yourself on the back all you like, but if that was all it took for you to go back to being a s.kank, the only thing you really left behind was a fishy smell.

    Your husband sounds like a delicate petal too. How delightful that two such emotionally-stable people like you reproduced. Don't expect me to pay your crotch spawn's way through life because it didn't get any proper training from its moron parents.

  • If he knows you've had a lot of boyfriend's he should expect you've taken a lot of c****.

  • He need to enjoy your sharing your c*** with other men. Have you served him sloppy seconds yet?

  • If only he'd learn to enjoy your slutty behaviour. He needs to enjoy your taking all kinds of c**** in you. I would. My wife is a s*** too. How many so far?

  • Glad to see you proved him right you s***!

  • Go get you some young c***

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