I found nude pics of wife's friend about 12 of them on internet. I was looking at them masterbating and wife caught me. She wasn't to upset by it.

Jan 16, 2019

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  • I would m********* every chance that I would get. Soon as my wife would leave the house I would strip naked and look at pics on the computer that my wife had. One day she left and I sat in the chair and opened up the picture album and I instantly got hard looking at the pics. I was slowly jerking when I heard her say,” oh my god what are you doing?” I was caught and couldn’t turn off the computer fast enough. Then and there was when she found out that I was jerking off to pics of her sisters and nieces. She was really upset about it at first but now I don’t have to hide it.

  • Yeah she’s not in love with you anymore if she doesn’t care

  • I have seen my sister in law's and I would f*** all of them and there mother if I ever got the chance

  • Correction it was your mother only, you f***** idiot

  • It's spelled "too", not "to".

  • The grammar police is on patrol again

  • Well ' spelt ' would of been the better verb to use,but you don't see me busting your b**** over it!
    Plus, in the title of the confession, and the confession itself, the poster has spelt masturbating incorrectly.
    Yet again, you fail to pick up on this.
    So go suck a d.i.c.k femboy.

  • Where can we find them? Details please!! I want to j*** of to them as well!!!

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