What just happened?

I’ve been dating a fat girl, well, woman for a while now. She’s 41, I’m 38. Anyway we’ve been seeing each other and it’s been great but I wasn’t expecting what she did yesterday.

I got off work early and had planned on taking care of a few errands. She knew I was getting off early and made other plans. She picked me up and two of her friends were there. She was dressed somewhat nicer than usual and we went to the courthouse. I asked what was going on and she was so excited and said it was a surprise.

We walk into the county clerk office and wait and eventually have an appointment with the magistrate. By now I’ve figured out what’s going on and I’m wondering if I’m ready to go through with it or not. I don’t mind a fat girlfriend but a fat wife? Not so sure I want a fat wife. But she was so excited and said she wanted to do this for me and for us and blah blah. Her friends are giggling and excited for us too.

Half an hour later I am legally married. An hour after that I’m having ** with my new wife for the first time as a married couple. A day later I’m in a daze, wondering what just happened. I’m married now. To a fat woman. Maybe I shouldn’t have been dating a fat woman in the first place if I wasn’t willing to marry her. At the same time there is something that feels an amazing about the way she just...basically took ownership of me. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt this loved before and think I can accept her weight. That’s superficial anyway, right?

Thoughts anyone?

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  • Have you put on any weight being married to her?

  • Are you still married to her a year and change later? How's life with a fat wife? Has she gained any more weight? Lost weight?

  • Yes, we are still married and doing well. She’s gained a little weight. Life with a fat wife isn’t so bad. There are times I see some thinner girls and their rocking bodies and wish I could still be with them, but over all I’m happy with my fat wife.

  • I can only imagine what you’re in store for as your marriage continues. If you will allow her to “surprise” you with a trip to the courthouse and you just go along with it imagine how much more control she will have as time goes on. You’ve signaled that you’ll just obey her without a challenge, even for something as big as a lifetime commitment. Now you’re screwed because she has your nuts in her purse and she’s not going to suddenly give them back. You won’t be doing much hanging out with your boys anymore. Or whatever you liked doing. She’s probably going to gradually become more assertive and outright dominant just because she knows she can be. It takes an insecure woman to do that ** to a man. I’m guessing her weight probably had a lot to do with that. 350 pounds? Holy ** that is fat. She’s your wife now though. And you’re her **!

  • Yep,plus all his finances! He can never leave her as she'll get half of everything!!!!
    So weak dude

  • I can't believe that she basically press ganged you into marrying her. It's creepy

  • It’s not creepy. It’s different, for sure but not creepy.

  • Yep,then she put the kings shilling in his beer tankard,and press ganged him into the royal navy!

  • So is she like rebel Wilson fat?
    She's a guilty pleasure of mine, Jesus the things id do to her fat frame!!!

  • She’s about an inch taller than me (she’s about 5’8) and weighs 350 or so. Not sure how that compares to Rebel Wilson

  • She's 5'3 and peaked at 234lbs she's a mound of Australian jubbly flub and I'd lick every inch of her!

  • My wife is a little taller and way fatter than that. See above.

  • I know that,but she's also taller than rebel,so their weight may be relative

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Sniff sniffy sniff sniff,lick,licky licky lick lick,lifting flab,licking the salty sweet inside.
    Oops,you've ** my dear,never mind,I enjoy it my love

  • The thought of some insecure fat ** “surprising” beta male by dragging him to the courthouse and marrying him ** me off. You should have put your foot down while you had the chance but you’re a beta, went along with it and now you have a fat wife! You’ll be wiping her ** someday. I hope she gains weight and eventually eats you for a snack. You deserve it for letting her take charge of your life like that.

  • You hope she “eats me for a snack?” WTF???!!!

  • Hahaha

  • Why do you care? You’re not the one who has to be married to her.

  • You keep going on and on about her fatness. Many people think that equals weak-mindedness. Yet who in this picture ended up married without planning to be? j/s.

    If she treats you in a way that you feel loved, fvcking EMBRACE THAT ** because it's rarer than you think.

    Now that you have a life together, the two of you can start creating healthier lifestyles *and* developing the ability to think for yourselves. Good luck!

  • He goes on and on about her fatness because it’s just set in that his days ** hot chicks (if ever did to begin with) are over. And now the only ** he’s ever going to get is with his fat wife. I’m not going to lie, I’m a pretty ** myself. I LOVE tormenting guys when I see them with fat chicks. I love flirting with them and you can see it on their faces they wish they could be with me instead of the fattass they’re stuck with. Sometimes they try to hit on me and I love shutting them down. I told one he must have misread my signals because I don’t flirt with men who think lowly enough of themselves to be seen in public with fat women. Made sure his fat girlfriend heard too. OP is so **. And he knows it. That’s why he keeps going on and on about her fatness.

  • You must be SO secure in your "womanhood". LOL

  • Holy **. The thought of a ** taunting men with fat wives and girlfriends is so awesome. I don’t know why but I think that is so amazing. Keep up the good work!

  • Because it's very easy to amaze the simpleminded, that's why

  • I wouldn’t disagree about weak mindedness. When she was just a girlfriend her weight never bothered me because for me girlfriends have always been so temporary and I figured once we burned out I’d go back to being with fit/athletic women.

    And I agree about what you said about embracing it. I do feel loved by this woman. And she’s gorgeous, even given her weight. She’s shaped perfectly, and I sort of fell for her when we met even though back then I didn’t like fat women. Met through mutual friends and she was cool and flirty and I found myself thinking she was awesome. She still is so why would I feel differently now that I fully belong to her as her husband?

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  • Check you out on the moral high ground!!
    Nah,he's screwed,destined to be laughed at with his fatty boom boom wife!!
    She'll get fatter and fatter,letting go of her personal hygiene and then she'll start ** you

  • Reeeeeee uR on tHe mOraL hiGh gRouNd reeeeeee

  • I actually don’t mind that moral high ground post that person made some valid points. You on the other hand sound like an idiot.

  • Haha😅
    Its an odd one,but I guess you can work on getting her to loose weight?
    Are you embarrassed to be seen with her if you were out with friends? Or embarrassed to show her to your work mates?
    One thing I do know is that the best pair of dirty ** I ever sniffed,were those of a fat woman's, so you're a lucky man in the respect that she'll have a banging **👍

  • I don’t know about getting her to lose weight. I few months after we started dating she actually said outright she loves her body and appreciates I’m one of the only guys she’s ever dated that hasn’t mentioned her weight. So that would probably just start an unnecessary argument.

    Oh and you are so right about the dirty **! Her ** smell amazing after she’s worn them and she knows it. Slides out of them and tosses them to me even once said this is what love smells like.

  • See,that pantie thing would seal the deal for me!! Id be under her spell

  • Simple people like you are easy to control. But why would anyone want to, except maybe to tell you to stay in your dungeon?

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