A skitzofrenix perspective.

In United States the majority of people are voice activated ventriloquist dummies. With the illusion of being a mind reader.
All communications a person can think are say using sound, now being listen into. As algorithms with automated audio system act as multiple human voices inside a person's mind, ( think Siri or Alexa .) Blackmailing a person from asking questions outside the Overton window narratives.
Conversations of mundane, while repetitive notions and scripted words that the human mind has been programmed to repeat.
The sock monkey believing it was their thoughts all along.
While many and futile efforts of small men trying to kill the beast.
Only to find themselves screaming into the ethos as onlookers gawk and point.
They call them Skitzo, originally a war terminology invented by the ancient Greeks meaning split mind. Soldiers who went into battle would come back damaged and end up killing their wives or children. So the ancient Greeks invented Skitzo .
A man who can brutally murder rape in times of war. Then leave it behind when they came home, to become a kind loving husband and father.
Today in modern psychology putting paranoid in front ,and frantic at the end.
To get paranoid schizophrenic, or schizoid for short.
No one believes a crazy person, so what better way then to make a person look crazy to silence all opposition.
If voices were able to convince a person to kill themselves, who could say it was murder. Perhaps the breaking of a mind shattered with violent thoughts brought on by repetitively arguing with voices. The Rage of a schizo ending up taking it out on sock monkeys , in a psychotic break.
With the control of more than 200 million minds in United States alone.
If a sock monkey gets a hole in it, then you throw the sock away.
Why get bogged down with the illusion that they're human .
Like people in Iraq's Afghanistan Syria Latin America Africa the average American citizen. These are things you just use to get ahead.
We wouldn't be practiced in neoliberal policies that have created inequalities throughout the world . While gutting Social Services for the poor and expanded corporate welfare for the rich. The expansion a fossil fuels progressing a dying world. As those who run the machine, convincing to the public they know best.

In Orson Welles, War of the Worlds. The aliens hid their machines Underground before humans walk the earth. Only for when population of humans on the planet became enough for them to change the ecosystem and atmosphere with Corpses.
Did then the aliens invade , putting their plan into action.
But what if in the story they were always here.
Tricking man with paper dollars to consume more than necessary.
To breed like rabbits and destroy their own world's atmosphere from within.
Making the planet bearable for the more reptilian unworldly types of intelligent beings.

Looking at the world and United States roll it ,I can't help but think the worst.
8 wars around world , supporting 73% of the world's dictators. Supporting a genocide in Yemen, giving weapons to neo-nazis in Ukraine.
In Syria helping Al-Qaeda off shoots and handing over Toyota's to Isis.
Like racism and prejudice being a product of the capitalist to keep it poor fighting with each other instead of turning on their capitalist Masters.
What better way to keep populations occupied then endless War .
All to bring 9 billion people on the planet to just 1 billion in less than a hundred years. In the movie by John Carpenter ,They Live.
The wealthy people and politicians we're in cahoots with the aliens to control the world. Selling out their fellow human beings for chance to be a member of the few and powerful oligarchical class.

Split mind, thoughts outside the Overton window.
Perhaps my depth into madness was nothing more than a shallow reality show .
A Truman Show for the retarded. Only if I can find my way out of this alien or man made Aquarium. I can utter the best lines ever said on a fake TV show that was a movie. " in case I don't see you ,good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight: )"

Or perhaps it's the Twilight Zone, and I'm your host Rod Serling.
Before I get to next week episode, like to tell you about are sponsor.
With it always smooth taste and relaxing qualities. Tobacco grown right here in the grand old USA, Lucky Stripes. Can never have bad luck ,when you have a pack of Luckys in your pocket. Be sure to pick up your pack today.

On next episode, a troubled mind with the soul decision to end the world immediately with an alien invasion.
Titled, No More Monkey Business, No More Monkeys!
Find out what happens, next time on the Twilight Zone.

This is Dodge city and your 3 commercials away to the next episode of Gunsmoke.



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  • You're paranoid, nuts and you can't write.

  • I'm wiping my bum at the moment,and have aggravated my piles. Even that is more exciting than this drivel

  • How's your piles brother?

  • Better thanks,although still sore when I p***

  • Evidently, English is not your first language, and this post reads like a poor translation.

  • Schizophrenic. That's the word. Just because you are crazy doesn't mean you get to be lazy with your spelling in a world with auto-correct.

  • It is worrying that people like him are roaming the streets. The kind of bloke that kills a family,then sits in their house until the police arrive and acts all confused


    This person is literally insane.

    Throw them into the nut house..

  • Well thanks for that extremely boring and completely useless post.
    Go fry an egg

  • It was TL;DR.

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