My sweet sister

I have a 14 year old sister, and two 16 year old sister.... I have have cruel sexual thoughts about them every sing day and I have since I was adopted by their parents when I was 18.
I remember one night my youngest sister (12) at the time was complaining that she didn’t have any clean underwear.. my mom said she would do the laundry tomorrow. This was day 2 of wearing that same pair. After her shower I snuck into her room and found the ones she was wearing I sniffed them tasted them there was so much discharge and p*** still soaking them.. as I pulled out my c*** to give a w*** she walks in on me with them on my face... she screams and I tell her be quiet.. luckily nobody heard her.. I told her that I had a huge crush on her and wanted to do stuff to her an why I was sniffer her rank little panties, after about 10 ish minutes of explaining she asked if I wanted to taste it for real... overjoyed I spent the next hour or so eating my little sisters a$$ and p**** and she even gave my head, even to this day I have yet to c** harder than I did that night.
She was 12 almost 13 and I had just turned 20... we still like to do stuff when nobody is home and she still soils her panties and leaves them for my from time to time.
I let her s*** on me about 3 maybe 4 months ago while she was blowing me... I love her 14 year old body so much omg



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  • When I was 21 our next door neighbor had a daughter 12 who wanted to help me throw papers on my paper route. Her mom let her and she was waiting by my car at 3:30 am wearing only her nightie. While we're waiting for the papers she tells me she isn't wearing any panties and then shows me her hairless p****. I waste no time and begin playing with her smooth puss. When the papers came and after we got them rolled as I started on my route, she opened up my pants and began stroking my c*** while I drove the route. I came twice all over her hand as I delivered the papers. I told her that I loved wearing ladies panties and she begged me to wear them from now on. I wore my panty-slip, a pair of thigh high stockings, and a bra the next day and showed them to her and she loved the fact that I wore ladies lingerie. She told me she loved jacking me off thru my panty-slip. During the summers her mom wanted her to stay with me while she was at work. That was when I began having s** with her on a daily basis. This lasted for almost 3 years until they moved away. I too loved her teen body with her 32 B t******.

  • You are adopted, so not blood related, perfectly fine :).

  • I wanna see

  • Yum yum

  • Cute

  • Hi there

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  • Welllllll

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  • I'm looking after my friend's daughter she will be going in the shower soon xx

  • You female...

  • She is eleven and has green eyes long ginger hair passed her ass, she has a cup b******.
    I told her I dont have enough water for two showers so I will get in with her, she looked a bit nervous

  • Will you please respond.

  • I've just got out the shower I have been touching her all over

  • So please chat

  • I made her c** she said she wanted to go to bed and she is in there crying, I'm going into her and I'm going to lick her out

  • Nice

  • Do not let her cheek you..

  • I've licked her out and made her squirt loads I'm getting her some water, I'm going to rim her now I'm going to have s** with all night

  • Please respond and my niec is here..

  • Rim your niece too we will do them together

  • Tell her to do something and when she refuses spank her in diaper position.

  • Ok and will you spank her for me please.

  • She says please don't put it in me haha I will spank her until she pleads for me to put it in put your d*** in your nieces pus sy

  • I bet you get hard spanking her.

  • My niece is holding her legs to her chest crying also.

  • I'm hanging out the back of her I'm not stopping all night I tell you.
    F****** your niece now

  • Do her doggy style.

  • Is she hairless..

  • Yes i am doing same and is her butt red raw.

  • Yes it is, a few ginger pubes, super tight I've got a finger up her bum too how hard are you pumping your niece?

  • Whats your little one doing.

  • She is wimpering and telling me im bold going to give her little break. maybe give your little one break and we chat..

  • Im not stopping she needs my c o c k in her,
    I want to put it up her bottom soon

  • She crying.

  • How you doing with her.

  • Lube her up well and whats her reaction.

  • Have you ky jelly for her bum.

  • I've lube her and I'm half way, she is moaning and saying she loves it now

  • Nice and she tired yet.

  • She sucking me off now I'm going now because I really want to smash it in her now

  • Are you there mate..

  • How you getting on...

  • ? well you able to chat...

  • Talk soon.

  • Little doll.

  • Yes tell her she will not tell you no and redden her a*** good.

  • Is she acting up

  • Plesse put her on if she is acting up xxx

  • You there now and if she gives attitude spank her. my niece is here with a red bum..

  • How was she and is she still with you naked. have you permission to spank her..

  • Please respond.

  • She sounds gorgeous and have you permission to spank her

  • Please respond and her age and what she look like. my niece is with me..

  • Preteens girls love their p****'s licked.

  • Lol I hope my daughter doesn’t want her p**** licked in her preteens

  • Just gave my niece oral

  • Brilliant! Tell more, how old? what was her o***** like what's her body like?

  • She is not ten yet. browne hair and same colour eyes. still hairless and tiny breast buds. she is due a spanking before bath..

  • Put her on after you spank her give her some lube so we can have fun

  • She there yet?

  • She is here now

  • Hello darling xx

  • I said who the f h*** are you

  • I want to have s e X with you xx

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  • Ha and who are you xx

  • I've got my co ck out are you naked?

  • I said yes ok

  • Squeeze your nipples and ask your uncle to luck you slit I'm stroking my c o c k for you xx

  • My uncle says i best do what you say or im in big trouble xxx

  • Fine i will. and can you see me now xxx

  • How does it feel? Tell him you are a dirty little s l u t

  • F you

  • Please stop say that and uncle says if i dont be good you go spank me to is he lyeing

  • Do as you are told next time you speak like that you will get spanked! Put you RR uncles bwilly in your pee hole right now!

  • How f no my uncle

  • Get f lost dumb man

  • Right then you get spanked

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  • I want to have s e X with you shall we meet up what city you live in?

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  • I will lick your bum hole of you want me to

  • My bum why

  • Because you will love it xx

  • My uncle said say sorry or you will come over tomoro and spank me and is that true

  • With my uncle i live and england. why

  • I want to meet you and have s** with you xx

  • I guess and say to my uncle xxx

  • I will buy you sexy clothes and take you on a date what city are you in

  • My uncle wants you

  • Are you there like xxx

  • Birmingham why were you live

  • What town you in I'm in castle head xx

  • Hi xxxx

  • Hi were is that xxx

  • What town in Birmingham I live in castle head

  • Hello

  • Hi there xxxxx

  • Who you and stop pleeease

  • Im sorrry my uncle spank me over you

  • Hi i said xxx

  • Who are you

  • What the f you want

  • Yes and standing in corner naked...

  • ? how old is she and what does she look like. my daughter loves it..

  • She will....

  • Little niece loves oral

  • You couldn't have been adopted at 18, so.... You're just a sicko in the head?

  • Why did you c** so hard.

  • Because my daughtet is sitting with me in t-shirt and not wareing panties..

  • I was asking the op why he c** so hard

  • ? why do you ask......

  • L told her to put panties on..

  • Sounds like ur parents didn’t care too much if they adopted u at 18 in a household filled with young girls. They pretty much encouraged it if ur telling a true story

  • My stepdaughter is ten and loves oral

  • This is nonsense

  • Yes it is but we all fancy our sisters friends when we was young.

  • Yes,but not if they're under age you dirty scab

  • She was the same age as me 13 we went to the same school lol

  • I remember me and my sister played around like that but we both were the same age. It was her friend who let me see her bits lol u show me urs and I’ll show mine stuff.

  • Omg really.

  • Please find this sick soab so we can castrate him

  • Sweet

  • My niece loves playing with me and she is allmost eleven.!

  • Another attention seeking j erk

  • I want to hurt you very badly

  • That’s a Dream come true

  • Fake as

  • You were adopted when you were 18? Why the f would someone adopt an adult? Are you mentally deficient or something?

  • That's because the story is fake as f***. Even so, the OP is still a sick m***********. Anyone who even fantasizes about little kids needs to have their f****** nuts cut off.

  • Die you piece of s***.
    Fake story,but doesn't hide the fact you're a sick paedo.
    I would gladly kill you

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