Impregnate mom

I know this is wrong but i can't stop.

Mom and I have been having s** for 10 years since I was 18. She was 36 when it started.

We were always very rough never used protection. Last month we found out Mom was pregnant.

We don't know what we are going to do, but now the s** is even hotter and rougher than ever.

Her pregnancy has made us super h**** all the time.



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  • You're either a bunch of bored ret@rds who think they are original or a clump of sickfucks who need to stand on the train tracks and wait. Which is it? Or is that too difficult of a question for your tiny little minds?

  • It's not wrong at all. :)

  • Congratulations to you both. I hope your baby arrives fit and healthy.

  • I know what you mean, my mother got pregnant when I had s** with her one night when she was drunk. It was a common thing for her to get wasted on weekends, at 16 I started to use her. In the mornings she had no idea how she got c** in her. When I was 18 she got pregnant, she was so worried about who the father was. So I told her, she was upset to say the least but she knew who the father was. Abortion was not an option. She stopped drinking, moved me into her bedroom, We drove to Mexico and got married. We have been together now for 14 years, our daughter who is 13 will soon know I am her brother and father. My wife doesn't drink anymore i might have saved her life.

  • To my knowledge this isnt illegal but frowned upon
    You both should speak to a specialist before things get even more out of hand

  • You’re supposed to come in your mom’s mouth and ass

  • You are sick little disgusting bastardd

  • Nothing sick about it and its not disgusting. A mother and son making love is a beautiful thing, but they should of used birth control.

  • Why is he a sick disgusting bastardd?? That’s F0CKING HOT!!!!!!! For all we know, his mom is HOT AF!!!!!!!!!!! Wish is had a hot mom to F0CK all the time!!!!!

    Keep F0CKING THAT B**** DUDE!!!!!!!!

  • Disgusting Americans have no moral values left. Shame on you for putting such question

  • What makes you think that sick b****** is America? You f****** w*****.

  • Yes u r so right

  • Do you do a*** with her as well?

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