Sent nudes to the wrong person

So I was talking to a girl online and she wanted to trade pics her name was Jordyn. So I got onto snapchat and took a picture of my d*** and sent it to Jordyn. The thing is I didn't realise that I actually have another person named Jordyn that I'm friends with and I actually sent it to her. She is 16 me 18 and she is my younger sister's best friend. I got a reply back saying WTF?! I apologised. About an hour goes past and I get a snap from her I open it and she had sent a picture of her naked saying she wanted my d***. I was split on what to do but eventually decided to head over to her house as her parents were overseas. I f***** her so hard handcuffs and all. She and I came many times.

Me and my sister along with Jordyn played truth or dare and my sister asked who was the last person I had s** with and I told her it was Jordyn. She was shocked and walked off. I heard the shower turn on so I peeked in and literally saw her playing with her T*** and masturbating. So I told Jordyn to come have a look and we came up with the plan that Jordyn was going to walk in naked and I'd shortly follow after.

She walked in and my sister said nothing as Jordyn said that she was coming in and I was going to f*** both of them. Eventually I came in and got Jordyn to suck my d*** and then my sister it ended with me c****** over both of their faces. My mistake was the best thing to ever happen to me.

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  • Did you also f*** your sister as well , i would have, iv'e already f*** my own sister she is nine years old and just love having my c*** up her tight c*** and i f***** her full of all my s****. She want's me to f*** her again and i said i would.

  • I took a d*** pic onetime and sent it to my wife. For some reason I never deleted the pic. A month later I showed a different picture I took to one of my female coworkers. She took my phone to get a better look at it. Then she just started scrolling through my pictures. I totally forgot about the d*** pic until she looked up at me and said "nice d*** pic. Is this really you?"
    I was so embarrassed that I snatched the phone out of her hands. It didn't take long before she told another one of our female coworkers that she saw a d*** pic and that I have a large d***. They both tried to convince me to she the other girl but I refused. I finally agreed to show her after work just to get them to shut up about it. Later that day after work they both got in my car and I showed them the picture. Then they wanted to see the real thing. I refused. The next day they continued hounding me about seeing it. I finally agreed but to them they would have to wait till the weekend. Saturday came and they called to ask when I would be over to the one girls house. I showed up and both were already there and had been drinking. I only intended on showing them, but once I pulled it out they both started rubbing and stroking it. Before long all three of us were f******.

  • Hahaha and then you woke up with a dribble of c** after that lovely dream

  • F****** dreaming wake up you loser

  • Believe what you want but it did happen fucktard

  • Haha no no you bell housing, It never happened,never will,and you're a throbber for even writing it in the first place!

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