I want to be a woman so badly. And i liked to tell that to my hole family, but idk if i an trans. I mean, i know what i feel, but so many detransitioners thought the same thing so i don't want to make that mistake. Plus, my family would not hate me, but they would question me about it and i need to be prepare to explain the situation, but idk if what i feeling is trans feelings, feminization fetishes or crossdressing dreams. I hate being this unsure and yet sure at the same time.
I want to cry, but i can't, i want to dress up, but would look like a man and i liked for my relationships to stay similiar but IDK what will happen. ;-;

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  • Men don't spend there time wondering if they are women. If you are constantly conflicted, your probably trans. I spent 16 years figuring that out, the last year I have felt so free and happy finally transitioning. Love yourself.

  • I guess you are young and I can understand your feelings, they are both mental and physical! I started cross dressing when I was young but preferred to remain male. However I remained single and cultivated my looks to become feminine, kept slim with long legs, grew my hair long and used lots of face and body cream on my complexion, keeping out of the sun. I am now a 52 year old gay man and look very much younger than my years. The benefit now is that I can mix with the public dressed as a woman and its lovely. I am careful to watch the fashions women wear not to stand out in a crowd, but the sexual feelings I get when a man is looking at me in my floaty skirt, undies and sexy blouse is fantastic. There is nothing wrong with being bi-sexual because you can enjoy both sexes but sometimes one feeling is stronger than the other and you cannot let it upset you.

  • There are probably gay bars around where you live, you could go there. I'm sure there are tons of people who would help you!

  • Freak

  • Transphobe

  • The problem you face is that the pro-trans lobby groups who control much of the information about this condition, believe that gender dysphoria is not a mental condition and resist and attack any narrative to the contrary as prejudice.

  • Its ' whole ' family. You perverted freak!!!

  • It's 'it's,' genius.

  • You need a good spanking boy (a disciplinary one)

  • So do you.

  • And it's girl


  • You seriously need to get an education about this subject before posting such absolute statements as "no such thing as trans" it has been proven beyond doubt that a person can be born with a male body and a female brain, Also "EVERY" male alive today is trans as every single person began as a female in the womb then "transforms" when provided with the corresponding hormones, this is sometimes miss timed and the resulting human has a miss matched mental to physical gender.
    so as I said to a probable bible thumping d****** (you) get educated

  • Gender is between the ears. Se.x is between the legs. The poster wants to be a girl, so I will use female pronouns. Just because they realise their se.x is make doesn't mean their gender is.

  • Haha, this just popped up and it reminded me of French. They have a lot of feminine and masculine words, but apparently it's not a big deal if you use masculine versions of words for girls at all.

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