Peer pressure

My room mate/Best friend of 20 years and her fiance convinced me to join them in a bedroom escapade. Their wedding date was set for the next weekend and she came to my room after a night in of drinking and wedding planning, She told me they wanted to have a three way one time before they got married and were planning on trying for kids right after the wedding, Like she was going to go off the pill the week before and try on their honeymoon.
I was a bit apprehensive to say the least but she was a little pushy and eventually just called out his name and he arrived on my bedside seconds later, We are not that different physically with the only real difference is me being shorter by a couple inches and considerably more top heavy, They are a good looking couple and I had no issues with the attraction part of it toward him but I had never been with a girl and neither had she but she was definitely pushing for it.
The whole thing started with her pretty much dominating me and pushing me onto my back, We kissed and groped a bit and soon there were hands and lips and tongues everywhere, I don't even know how but next thing I knew we were all naked and I figured what the heck, its too late to turn back now, I was expecting maybe for him to do us both and that would be the end of it but she kept dominating the whole thing and got him on his back, We did a double BJ and then she guided me to sit on his face while she rode him, I was quite enjoying myself when she called for us to switch places, He is considerably bigger than any other guys I have been with and once I managed to get it all the way in he grabbed my hips and pulled me down pushing it deep in me, He bottomed out and I'm pretty sure he still had c*** to spare but I had an involuntary twitch and blurted out some weird grunt/moan and she looked at me then started laughing asking if I was ok.
After assuring her I was more than ok we continued and he could hit it deeper than I have ever felt and after about six pumps he grabbed my hips and held me down as hard as he could, I had the biggest O you could imagine, It wasn't the best, To tell the truth it was embarrassing and I couldn't control myself, I was shaking and screaming, My stomach was tensing up and releasing and I started to cry for some unknown reason which obviously put a stop to everything and he rolled me onto my back, He stayed inside me as they both consoled me and tried to figure out why I was crying but I couldn't answer them since I didn't even know.
Once I gathered my composure and convinced them I wanted to keep going he started again, He was totally getting me going again and she was squeezing and jiggling my b**** and talking to him about how big and perfect they are then she jumped up and ran out of the room, He didn't miss a stroke and she returned with something in her hand, She laid down beside me and cupped one b*** then took my nipple in her fingers, Stretched it and put a nipple clamp on me, She did the same to the other side and pressed the button making them vibrate a little, I have never had much experience with nipple stimulation but it is freaking awesome.
He lifted my legs and shuffled right up tight to my bum slowing right down and sliding deep, I looked at him and told him not to go too deep again and he started doing it just perfect, She got on her knees beside me and was leaning right in watching him slide in and out of me as she rubbed my little button and talked to him about how perfect my p**** is, He was telling her how tight I am and then all of a sudden she lifted her leg and straddled my face, I froze, I'm laying on my back getting f***** by one of the hottest guys I know and suddenly my best friends p**** is inches from my face and I have no way out of this, Not what I had been expecting and honestly the thought of doing oral on each other never crossed my mind.
There was nothing I could do, She sat up and lowered her hips and BAM, What was i supposed to do, She put my hands on her hips and sat down on my face, I started licking her and she pulled the nipple clamps off then started pinching, Flicking and pulling my nipples kinda rough but I liked it, After a few seconds I decided to just get into it and went full on having my...Well...Our first girl/girl experience together, Who better to have it with I guess. She put one foot down lifting her self up so he could watch me and I was so into it I grabbed her hips pulling myself up to her and going at it some more.
After a couple minutes she got off my face huffing and puffing and saying how she had to stop or she was going to come, if I know one thing about her it is that after she comes she is done, Like done done, He rolled me back on top and I was feeling a little bit like maybe he was paying too much attention to me but when I suggested she have a turn she said she wanted me to keep going, I had gotten a bit more accustomed to his size and girth and we were going pretty hard, She straddled his legs behind me and was groping and grabbing both of us, He pulled me down on top of him and she kissed her way down my back to my booty, She always makes comments on how my booty is great and she was kissing and jiggling my cheeks as I slowly rode him.
That was when it happened, I was on top, Pretty much laying on his chest, He had his arms around me holding me tight and I could feel her licking and sucking his b**** and shaft and kissing and licking my cheeks but then...Yikes...I felt her lick my butt hole, I have never had my "salad tossed" and it was a bit of a shocker for me but I couldn't move since he was holding me and after the initial shock it started to feel really good, She continued licking and playing down there and I started making weird twitches and every time I did I would make a weird grunt and she must have realized I was gonna come again because she started going faster and harder and I came again, This time a much more enjoyable O and as I rolled off of him he went to sit up and she shoved him down and jumped on top of him, She rode him hard and fast while reaching over and running her hands all over me which only lasted a minute or so and she sat down hard, I could see every muscle in her body tense up as she screamed, Our poor neighbors.
She flopped down on top of him and he rolled her onto her back, He got up on his knees and I wanted to see it so I leaned over her stomach watching him slide in and out of her, The whole thing was pretty hot until he grabbed my hair and pulled out of her, I had two choices, Swallow or facial and I am pretty sure he was hoping for the later but not a chance, I quickly leaned in and as he pulled my hair trying to pull my head back I grabbed his hips pulling him toward me, He gave up quickly and I swallowed the biggest load ever, Like...lots.
I laid back and she rolled over putting a leg across my stomach and started kissing my b***, He stretched and then smacked her ass and she moaned wiggling her bum at him, She looked back and made some comment about if he was able we were willing which I didn't think I was, I was exhausted and we were all sweaty breathing heavy, He leaned over her and sucked my one nipple while she sucked the other then she tilted her head back and moaned as he stuck it back in her.
Long story even longer we banged all night and I don't really think there are any new experiences left to have after that and when the sun came up and we finally went to shower together I let him have the thing he was wanting, I didn't think he could pull it off but she was behind him reaching around stroking him and me in front, Both lathering him up when she told him that if he had one more load in that big f*****...Her words. She told him that if he did he could put it on my face, He nodded his head and she looked at me, I really always thought it was gross but figured being we were already in the shower what was the difference.
I got on my knees, She pushed him forward and I played with his b**** as she stroked him, He grabbed my hair, Tilted my head back and she jerked ANOTHER load right onto my face, I don't know how many times he finished and hopefully didn't inside me because I am not very diligent with my pill but he had one more surprisingly large one left for me. We cleaned up and all went to sleep in their bed since mine had come everywhere and though it was supposed to be a one time thing we did it again that afternoon when we got up and all six nights before the wedding, The wedding night I had a date so I took him back to my room and let the two of them have their marital night.
Now 30 days after the wedding our apartment has become a total bang house, She is off her rocker h**** and has given him and me permission to bang whenever we want, I have had more s** in the last month and a half than my entire rest of my life combined and am loving it, she walks in from work and if she beats him home she will rip my clothes off and throw me on the floor so he walks in on us 69'ing or vise versa she walks in on me and him or me on her and him, No one else knows but I did get caught once when I seen them pull into the parking lot, tossed off my housecoat and laid back on the couch so they would walk in on me using my vibrator but I should have waited to see who got out of the car because when they walked in two of our other friends walked in with them. They think they all just walked in on me diddling myself and I had to take one for the team there.
They are still planning to have kids so I am much more diligent with my pill since it is always bareback but she says she just wants to keep doing it all the time and is so h**** she thinks about it all day, I don't know where this will go but right now I really don't care.


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  • Geez, if this is true, it sounds like the movie "Summer Lovers".

  • Bet he had me a blast

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