Brother in law invited me to watch

Last night my wife's baby sister (25) and her husband stayed at our house, We always get piled up when they come and stay with us but last night was crazy. My wife (37) had stumbled off to bed and crashed an hour before us and when we went to bed my brother in law and I went to the garage to smoke a cigarette before bed, We were talking about sex stuff and I showed him some topless pictures of my wife's saggy boobs and he said he didn't have any on his phone because his wife doesn't let him keep them on their but he said "Wanna watch a show?", I said "nah, I'm going to bed man but feel free" and he laughed saying "you'll wanna see this one, Come to the bedroom window in a couple minutes", I looked at him with my eyebrows up and he said "trust me".
He went inside and I stayed in the garage, after a minute I sneaked outside, Around the house, Hopped the fence and crept up to the side of the house, He had pulled the blinds up about halfway and I looked in, He was standing hugging her and she had no top on but had her back to the window, The window was open a crack and I could hear them whispering, He said something and she laughed saying "Oh" and he looked at her and nodded, She swayed back and forth a bit and said "yeah...Fuck yeah".
She whipped off her sweat pants and had no underwear on so I could see her butt which is pretty skinny but whatever, What I wanted to see was her boobs, She is stacked with a set of at least DD's. She dug in her bag and hopped up on the bed with a little purple toy in her hand and as she flopped down on the bed her big boobs jiggled, She lifted her hips and put a pillow under her bum and spread her legs, She has a really nice pussy and keeps it almost shaved bald with just a small racing stripe on it, He positioned her so her pussy was facing the window and I almost had a heart attack, She went right to work with this little clit vibe and was working it fast and hard, He laid down with one of her legs over him so he was right there watching her but made sure I could still see.
She was going hard and talking dirty pulling at his crotch saying "c'mon baby get that big dick out for me", He kept playing hard to get then leaned in and licked her a little bit, Her great big boobs were wiggling and jiggling as he licked her and then she lifted her head and looked at him saying "finger fuck my ass baby" WHAT!!!! he didn't waste any time and shoved a finger right in her ass then got up on his knees and she tossed her toy on the floor, He had two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass while she frantically pulled his dick out and started sucking him.
She whispered "come in my mouth and make me your dirty slut", Needless to say I shot my load right then and there and then never even went soft, She was rubbing his dick all over her face and sucking him while he hammered her hard with his hand and then started coming, She shoved it in her mouth but not before he came on the side of her face and she sucked him dry then he straddled her facing the window and lifted her legs, He fingered her hard and she started bucking her hips then grabbed a pillow and covered her face as she came moaning out loud, You could hear how wet she was as he fingered her and she said "ok, baby, Stop, Stop, Stop".
He got off and laid beside her as she tried to catch her breath, She went to close her legs and he said "Leave them open, I want to see your pussy", I was well past my second load but being dark outside she couldn't see me, He looked at her and said "What if someone was at the window watching", Her eyes got wide and she closed her legs, He said "leave them, What would you do if there was someone there?", She said "I'd say get in here and give me some dick", He jumped on top of her and shoved his dick in her and I watched while he turned her sideways so I could see better and pounded her and then pulled out and came all over her big tits and wiped his dick on her face after, She got up to go clean up and I went inside to bed.
I think i came 3-4 times and when I went inside my balls were aching, We haven't talked about it yet but should be an interesting conversation.

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