My mistake

My best friend just got divorced from her d********* ex, Well not just, They separated a year ago but it just came official with signatures. We went out to celebrate and got wasted, She was complaining about how she hadn't had s** since they separated which, Despite what most married guys think is not great for a 37 year old woman.
I had picked out multiple guys for her at the bar and she danced with a few and actually kissed one but at the end of the night she backed out saying there were too many fears with just having a one nighter nowadays. We caught a cab back to my place and sat on the deck giggling and talking about the night, She made multiple comments about the one guy and how she would have rocked his world if she wasn't so scared of everything, Fears about not knowing the guy, Not knowing if he would kill her in her sleep, If he had any STI's, If he was someone her ex would know and pretty much every other fear you could think of and some I hadn't even thought of.
I jokingly tossed out a comment about doing my husband and how it would "Get him off my case" and she looked at me and said "OK", I laughed and kind of half thought she would back out and half thought it was a good idea. Unfortunately now I feel differently, We sneaked into the house and into the bedroom, He woke up as soon as I crawled onto the bed, He opened his eyes and looked at me as I slurred my words whispering "Wanna nail J*****", He squinted at me and said "What?" so I said it again and then she stepped up to the foot of the bed, He was very confused and freaked out but I got up and closed our bedroom door locking it and we did what we did.
Not that I am unable to deal with the fact we did that...It is what it is and we did it so I just have to deal with that and make peace with it but she has mentioned it multiple times since...IT'S ONLY BEEN 3 DAYS. Ok, I'm not happy about it and although I just joke and laugh when she brings it up and in great detail about his size and how it felt and a short session of touching between me and her. I didn't enjoy waking up to my husband spooning my best friend, I don't enjoy the fact the images keep popping up in my mind of him and her, I don't think she is hotter than me and my husband has many times over the years told me she is not but she does have a couple, Literally two things that I think he may still think about (Implants), I am not happy about things she said about how she wants him to do "this or that" or how she has thought about it before which even if in the heat of the moment were a little upsetting the next day and I am a little...Freaked out and kinda grossed out that she let him lick a certain thing I keep off limits...Yeah whatever but I am least of all happy that she told another friend of ours about it.
Frickin tequila should be outlawed.


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  • Yes, your drunken mistake.

  • Sometimes stuff happens when we over drink don't beat yourself up over it. Your friend needed a jump start to get back in the game and you helped her. I don't doubt she excited about she's been without for so long. Let her enjoy the experience. Keep your emotions from running away with you for now, in short amount of time the buzz of this will pass.

  • Haha,well I feel happy for the man๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘All men should never have a pu$$y denied of a lick!! Its the best part!!! I bet he was so happy finally tasting sweet wet pu$$y!!!!
    So,shame on you for being so frigid,and well done to your friend!!!
    He's had a taste of her juices now love,you'll be $hitcanned very soon lol

  • Oh chutiye kaam kar apna...randi ki aulad saala

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