I let my wife's Grandma give me a BJ

I was sitting down at my wife's Grandma house waiting on her to come home but i still had at least two hours. I was sitting there in my swimtrunks with no underwear on and her Grandma wasn't bad looking for her age then all of a sudden Grandma was standing in front of me and then dropped to her knees and pulled out my weiner and started playing with it. Well next thing i know is she got every inch in mouth and this went on for thirty minutes i was sitting there with my head laid back and eyes closed then I opened my eyes thought she was done but dropped her gown and she had nothing on underneath.Then she backed up and sit on my weiner and made it disappear up inside her she rode it until she c** all over my b**** and of course i cummed all up in her c*** . Believe it or not she could give one mean BJ and was a good lay also. Then we got dressed and waited for my wife to pick me up and after me and the wife got home she did the same thing to me like Grandma what i lucky day

May 29, 2014

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  • You should give her some more ,she likes it and think of all that good p**** she can give you

  • My mother-in-law is much bigger, stronger and more dominate than I, she enjoys forcibly stripping me naked & bending me over her knee as she delivers quite a memorable spanking to my upturned naked cheeks. She gave me my first at her hands on my 50th birthday. I'm 61 now, & she can still light a fire under me, even though she's 86, after my spanking she has her way with me & I'm powerless to stop her. markiee 3/7/2018

  • You're a F**!

  • My mother in law offered to give me one or let me get her. I declined the offer.
    My friend's grand mom invited me to the farm when I was a teen. he went on the truck with his grand dad, when they left she said; OK we have about two hours, come to my room and get those clothes off. I did what she ask, she stripped and got on the bed, Come on, don't be scared. Its just an older model, will feel good for you and me both. She gave some oral and stopped me from giving her any, said just get up here and put it in. She laid back and put it in her. She wrapped her arms around me, we went at it. She got me hard as soon as I finished I got right back on when she got me hard. I became her helper while my friend helped his grand dad. We had s** all summer. I remember looking out the window while the truck rolled on the farm lane. She said don't stop, finish me off, we have time.

  • I've got my s** education from a woman like her, 16 years old and ever ready this old chubby woman down the street welcomed me always with a big, big smile when I visited her.

  • Interestingly-amazingly-disturbing, i like it haha.

  • This is the most disturbing -- and disgusting -- post ever made here. So, congratulations: that's quite an achievement.

  • I'm sure it's also fake

  • Most of this junk Is fake and moves way too fast and without hesitation or thought of consequence . It doesn't happen like that . it's a slow progression that leads to things like this . And it happens because a relationship/ Ships are shaky people are lonely and or drunk. Or maybe they want revenge . Afterward there's a lot to deal with and maybe new emotions and depemdemcy. It's a recipe for disaster nommstter how good or satisfying it feels when it's taking place

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