Wife and twin sister

I have married twin sisters and both have had 2 kids with me.

The 3 of us sleep in the same bed and have threesomes nightly. My wives are now 29 and have been having ongoing lesbian incest since they were 14.

I love them both, and we have a wonderful life.

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  • Time to wake up. so wake up. your dreaming.

  • I could buy it if you had said you were f****** twins and had kids with both. I was dating a twin one time and was f****** both of them. But when you said they have lesbian incest and you have threesomes every night, well that's a little hard to believe now.

  • In other words, to the guy that posted this confession...YOU'RE A C.U.N.T

  • Yawn.

    Fuckoff with your immature fantasies.

    Not exciting or erotic in the slightest

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