The cards were on the table.

Last night we had our weekly games night with friends, As always there was too much booze and it went way later than planned, We had played almost every game we had and when it was down to just me and my husband, One other couple and my husbands best friend we switched to cards, My friends husband was passing out so they left and we started playing crib, Somewhere along the way we switched to poker. Now I am no poker star but have played and done reasonably well but when I ran out of chips I put up my bra as my stake in the game, Everyone accepted and although I was fairly confident in my hand I lost.
My husbands friend was wearing my bra on his head and we were all having a good time, way too drunk and they were pushing me to keep betting, I bet one sock then the other and then I decided I should quit but they kept pushing and I agreed to bet my skirt, I had panties on and even though it was a thong I was sitting so I agreed and what do you know...I won, Got to keep my skirt and won both my socks back, The chips were kind of pushed aside and everyone started betting clothes, They let me win a bit and I was feeling good but soon went on a losing streak ending with me in my thong and shirt, My husband had on his jeans and underwear and his friend was down to his underwear.
I folded the next hand and said I was out so they upped the ante, They said they would play blind but no folding so I played another hand and my husband lost, One more hand and I had to make a decision...Top or bottom, I went for top and even as drunk as I was I was not excited about showing my "Girls", I am 40 and have 3 kids who were all breast fed and his ex wife is a yoga instructor and has had her "Girls" redone and they are nothing short of perfect from what I have seen so I was feeling a bit nervous and tried to cover them as best as I could as I got my top off, They changed the game again and now all cards were face up and wouldn't you know it I lost...Bad, not even one pair.
I shuffled out of my thong staying seated and crossed my legs then said I was out, My husband urged me to stay in the game and I told him I had nothing to bet with, He said I could bet a hand job to the winner and told me I could fold, Win and I get all my clothes back or lose and...I was feeling pretty good about my odds and agreed to the terms thinking I could just fold if it wasn't going my way, I got a s*** hand and folded, My husband lost his jeans, The next hand I felt was pretty strong, The flop went my way, The turn did nothing for me but I still felt pretty good and his friend bluffed looking unimpressed with his hand so I stayed in thinking at worst I would have to give my husband a hand job.
The river card came up and everyone just stared at each other, I stared at my hand and thought I had a decent chance of getting out of this as I peeked at his friend out of the corner of my eye still looking unimpressed, My husband laid his cards and had nothing, So me and his friend looked at each other and laid them at the same time. I thought my straight was pretty strong, 6-7-8-9-10 but I looked over and he had a full house, My heart sank and I stared at my husband, I protested at first but they were laughing and high fiveing like a couple of s*** heads, My husbands friend looked at him and he motioned toward me, His friend stood up and whipped down his underwear right in front of me, I looked away and then at my husband, My husband was urging me to do it, I looked over at his friend and his...Junk then put my head down.
My husband took my wrist and tried to put my hand on his friend and I said that I wasn't doing it right there in the games room, I looked at my husband and asked if he was serious and he said he was, Thank god I was wasted and I was hoping he would be quick so I led him to the bathroom and my husband tried to follow us in, I told him he wasn't allowed to watch but he wouldn't leave so I reached down and took it in my hand, I was staring up at the ceiling while doing it and he cupped my one breast, I figured if it would speed things up then whatever. My husband stood behind me leaning over my shoulder watching and he had his...Junk out rubbing it on my lower back, My husband whispered to me to do it on my knees and I told him he was not allowed to finish on me, He had to use the sink.
I got on my knees and my husband laid his...Junk on my shoulder rubbing it against the side of my face then nudged me forward with his hips, I looked up at my husband and shook my head no but he kept doing it and then said it would be a lot faster, Being I had never done it before with anyone else watching and had not been with anyone else in almost 20 years I was apprehensive but the next time he nudged me I went for it, I opened my mouth and started sucking him, My husband got on his knees and pulled my hair back watching me from only a couple inches away telling me how hot it was and how amazing it was.
I will admit I was getting into it, I was letting go and trying to just have fun with it, My husband was playing with my b****** pinching and twisting my nips which since having kids have become way more agreeable to that kind of treatment than they were before, His friend was leaning back against the counter and slid up onto the counter sitting down, My husband stood me up and bent me over entering me from behind and it became a free for all, A minute or so of that and I stood up flinging the door open and telling them to follow, We jumped, Literally jumped into bed and were all over each other.
I don't remember how long it was or any specific details but I let go and let them both have their way with me, I have never been in a situation before with two guys and always thought it would be terrible but it really wasn't, It was much different than I expected and by the end I felt much better about doing it than I thought I would, I know by the end my husband was done and just laid back watching as I finished with him and he with me then I laid there and caught my breath as my husband locked up after his friend left, I played it off as if I was upset the next day and I don't think I will ever do it again but it was much better than expected.

Feb 6, 2019

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  • Very hot, my wife and I were into swinging when we were younger. We had lots of 3-somes and both really enjoyed them. But some of our hottest times were with non-swinger couples. We had several different couples we'd just be friends with that would come over and we'd be playing cards with who would suggest playing strip poker. They had no idea we'd swapped with couples or had 3-somes. Nor did they know my wife was an exhibitionist as we kept that part of our life secret and went out of town for our swinger fun. So, of course, we were cool with this. And in all these experiences it was their wife or girl-friends 1st time doing something like this. And that made it even hotter. But every time when it was over it was if the experience of seeing each other nude made us better friends. And it seemed like playing strip poker became a regular thing to do when we got together. Several of these couples ended up having s** in front of each other. And swapped partners with a couple of them. So this could be the beginning of some hot experiences for you and your husband.

  • Are you going to try that again??

  • Love game nights! Ours have turned into more open with adult humor but nothing sexual. We all start out naked in the hot tub and stay that way the rest the evening.

  • Good story. My wife is fun but also pretty conservative, long story short over time it's now a given game nights with friends we all just start out everyone nude.

  • Disgusting creature.

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