My gf left me for her ex after 3 years.. but why?

I was dating my girlfriend for 2 years when i found out she was an escort. so I still loved her for her she cried her eyes out & I hugged her and forgave her but it’s like eveytime I forgive her she expects me to get over it super fast but I just wanted her to love me more that’s all. & so I found out other stuff (possibly true) but I don't know a lot of stuff I can’t prove her guilty to but it’s written all over like her friend asking her f does she do threesoms and she says yes but when I ask she says no. or like how in the beginning of our relationship she asked me what i thought about threesoms (me being naive) quickly called her and snapped instead of seeing what was really going on or this guy she talked to asked her to strap him and she claims that’s the only guy she had a threesom with but when I asked him he said no. and so I threatened to post the message he sent asking to strap him but my girlfriend just deleted it. And then there’s the ex. she claims he went to job corps and army but he has so much facial hair and dreads there’s no way he went to the army. one time I went out of town for a job and I FaceTimed her and her gay friend called her and he was like “who’s that deon” and I instantly knew but this was long ago she claims they just talked as friends and he would call her at 3 in the morning I would wonder why. and after a while it stopped but we been through so much ( I hit her 3 times) choked her ) but I never meant to so i thought we were doing good then all of the sudden she drops me off at my dads and she’s wanting to hang with her “friend” all the sudden and so I say okay. but I called her like 300 times no answer she’s like why tf are you blowing up my phone. now it’s 3. am so I take a Uber to her sisters and there she was with her ex who made me feel dumb when I would question them too he would say I’m naive and say your bfs tripping he would say she was pure I wondered why she says she loves him more than me and he looks better but why?

Feb 6, 2019

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  • You answered your own questions here. Dude, she's a h***** with an ex she's still hot for and she's into 3-somes. So if you're cool with sharing her you're golden. If not you need to cut her loose.

  • Cause you're a loser mate.
    Simple when you think about it.

  • Drop the b**** and leave

  • Bcu you dickk size was small and you are not that rich

  • ^this^ was precisely my first thought and i think its right on the money. shes not leaving her ex because he can give her the good GOOD f****** and take care of her. you cant do either. so sad.

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