Gay uncle

10 years ago i discovered my married uncle is gay when I walked in on him give the UPS driver a b******* in the house.

He begged me not to say anything, as he love my Aunt, but only found sexual pleasure by sucking c*** and swallowing c**.

A few days later, I heard him call a craigslist number to set up a b*******. Then he realized I had heard him. And started to cry. And he sank to his knees

He looked at me and said I need c*** so bad. I want c** in my mouth.
Help me please.

I felt him pushing into a chair, then unzipped my jeans.

Then I felt his mouth on my c***. I was 18 and only girls had done that to me. I let him do it.
Finally I came after 10 minutes. I was the best head I ever had.

Since then almost every day my uncle blows and swallows me.

He says that this keeps him from divorcing my aunt and wreaking the family.

I don't mind helping, and look forward to my daily fun.

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  • So much bullshit, my monitor is turning brown! LMAO

  • Don’t drop out of school pleaasseeee!

  • The title is so funny πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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