I was still a newlywed when this happened and if I had been older I would have been more wise to the ways of the world.
I had flown down to LA to visit my mother for a week before she went in for her hip surgery and My step Father had delivered me back to the L AX air port for my flight back to Oakland.
I went into the lady's room to Freson up and somebody took my roll away luggage with my purse and all my identification I didn't even have a quarter to call my mother.
I reported the theft and the lady at the information booth let me call my Mom to let her know what was going on but I wanted to handle this myself.
The police showed up and were very nice taking my report but they told me I better call someone because chances were that I would not get my things back.
I used the information desk to call my husband but he wasn't home yet and I did not want to call Mom again and worry her
I found out that it is impossible to get any money from the bank without any identification and the Air lines were the same way without identification I was s*** out of luck ...If only I had been wiser this would never have happened but there was a guy that I had seen several times watching me and he looked OK but I was scared now after being robbed .
I called home again but my husband was still out h*** the plane ticket only cost $39 bucks and here I was stranded I was frustrated and hungry now and I sat on the bench and was crying feeling totally lost when the guy approached me and asked if he could help and I broke down and told him of my predictament.
He looked like he was in his mid 40,s and was very nice to me he bought me a hamburger and we talked for awhile then he noticed my wedding band and asked if I was married.
I told him yes I was and he said I can help you with the ticket and get a boarding pass for you but not until the bank opens tomorrow you can stay at my place if you don't have any other place to stay and although I was a little Leary about this I said let me call home once more first and he said I only live 5 minutes away you can use my phone if you want so I agreed I was only 18 and I was two months pregnant and scared to death and he was sooo nice we walked to his one room apartment and for a bachelor he kept a clean place but there was only one bed.
I used his phone to call home but Larry was still out probably drinking with his friends.
We talked for awhile about how I was to repay him for his kindness then I thought yea and have to tell him about spending the night in a strange mans apartment .. He said with a crafty look in his eyes maybe we can work it out where you don't have to pay me back and I realized then what he was suggesting and I was shocked but then I thought Larry should have been home to help me damn him now what was I to do I was stranded not knowing anything at all about this every time I went someplace somebody was there to help me.
I thought about it for awhile then Russ said well make up your mind Lisa and I saked you promise to help me get home and he promised so I agreed .
It was late now and Russ said we better get to bed I was petrified knowing that he was wanting to have s** with me but I was also a little excited to as Russ helped me to undress then I got in bed pulling the blamnkets up to my chin but Russ pulled them away and he stood there looking at my nude body for long seconds before he got in bed beside me and pulled me to him.
I felt right as a board as he kissed me and his hands began roaming all over my body pinching my b****** and trying to gain entrance to my v***** but I held me legs tight together as we struggled against one another .
He was much stronger than I so he gradually forced my legs apart and his finger found its way into me I was still struggling but it was beginning to feel very good until I was panting laying there as he had his way with me then he pushed my legs farther apart nd moved in between my legs his c*** was hard and it looked bigger than Larry's c***.
then he did something I never expected. I had never had a man lick my v***** before and I gasped a huge breath when his tongue slipped into me licking me and my god it felt fantastic My body began to respond to him as my mind cried out this is wrong but My body refused to obey me now I had oly had light o****** until now but I felt this wave of an o***** build in me until I thought I was going to faint then it washed over me leaving me limp as a dishrag I felt drained after my o***** and Russ moved above me then I felt his c*** head at my entrance and he sank into me all the way and he laid there unmoving for a short time then he began thrusting into me steadily breathing in my ear with a short huff of breath with each stroke and my body once again betrayed me meeting his thrusts with one of my own I could feel another climax building in me and I came again and then again until was so weak I couldn't move then I felt his hot sperm shooting into me and I fell into a deep sleep.
Sometime during the night he woke me up kneeling above me and told m to suck his c*** and I was half asleep but he took my head in his hands and forced his c*** in and out of my mouth until once again he was shooting his c** into me telling me to swallow and I did.
He f***** me again before letting me take a bath then he did as promised but he had lied last night because he used a credit card for his purchas.
When I got home I cleaned the house and waited for Larry planning to tell him but after thinking about it for awhile I decided that he did not need to know and it felt good knowing that he had no clue as to what I had done. Still today I look back on it and feel smug.


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  • Never ever tell hubby you will open up one very big mess for yourself.

  • Good Girl!

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