The first to be sacrificed

(I saw a post like this that was quite disappointing because it was serious while expected to be funny. So now I'll try! And presumably fail.)

1.) People who actually toast their Pop-Tarts.

2.) The kids who would walk down hallways in school and just turn the dial in EVERY SINGLE ONE.

3.) Marshmallow thiefs. You know those people who take all th marshmallows from the box of Lucky Charms? Yeah, them.

4.) People who wear 'May the fourth be with you!' shirts when it is not the fourth of may.

5.) People who say, "well, I liked the movie."

6.) People who say in public.

7.) Those who disrespect October of 2016.

8.) Kids who would take someone else's seat in the cafeteria and s**** the whole system up.

9.) Socks and sandals -ers. Those people who make everyone else uncomfortable.

10.) People who put socks on horses.

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  • No.6 WTF ?

  • *opens mouth* *closes mouth* I have no idea

  • 11: People who try to copy an already FAILED post in the vain attempt to make it work.

    The last one failed as it was boring and not many people commented.
    And I expect this one will be the same.
    Why not just add to the other and try and get it trending instead of embarrassing yourself.
    You're not hip cool or trendy,just saying.

  • I know I'm not 'hip cool or trendy' I didn't want to be. I was just bored. Thank you for your concern, though!

  • No worries dude👍

  • P.s, the other list was a better list too.

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