America explain!!!

Why is it that girl are synthetic to a boy getting hit in the nuts....
....But guys apparently can't grasp the fact periods exist????

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  • Who says we are sympathetic? Tell me who? I'm not. Id kick you so hard your childrens children would feel it you nut sack. I told my daughters to kick any boy who tries and lay a hand on you right in the old testicles. Right where it will hurt the most.

  • The word is sympathetic and most boys are feeling their wives and girlfriends pain when they are having their periods.

  • Hilarious! Really too funny! Thanks for the laugh on this gloomy morning in Illinois......another state with a hard-to-pronounce name.

  • Oh, another person from this lovely f***** up state controlled by corrupt politicians in Chicago

  • This Cray Cray soab just needs some


  • F*** you in the ass Mr. see how you like it. Your an a******.

  • America will explain unless you tell us what is h*** is this all about

  • "Synthetic"? Oh dear god... LMAO

    Quick, either blame autocorrect or get defensive about your failure to communicate.

  • Haha, neither, just failed at spelling big time.

  • What does this have to do with American's?

  • Sorry, it was a reference to the Vine where the girl talks about Kansas and Arkansas and ends with America Explain!

  • Apparently only American females have cycles now. Not sure when that started maybe it was when Trump got elected. Don't know.

  • I see you are in love with Trump.

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