America explain!!!

Why is it that girl are synthetic to a boy getting hit in the nuts....
....But guys apparently can't grasp the fact periods exist????

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  • Who says we are sympathetic? Tell me who? I'm not. Id kick you so hard your childrens children would feel it you nut sack. I told my daughters to kick any boy who tries and lay a hand on you right in the old testicles. Right where it will hurt the most.

  • Yes, yes. So you keep telling us. Ain't you just the bestest mommy EVER.

  • The word is sympathetic and most boys are feeling their wives and girlfriends pain when they are having their periods.

  • Hilarious! Really too funny! Thanks for the laugh on this gloomy morning in Illinois......another state with a hard-to-pronounce name.

  • Oh, another person from this lovely f***** up state controlled by corrupt politicians in Chicago

  • Is this your badly hidden way of whining like a b**** about Obama years after he's left office? Boy, a good-looking black Democrat boy with no dark shadows behind him really put sand in you Proud Boys' vaginas, didn't it. Still crying after all these years. Shows what weak, ridiculous little things you are!

  • This Cray Cray soab just needs some


  • F*** you in the ass Mr. see how you like it. Your an a******.

  • America will explain unless you tell us what is h*** is this all about

  • "Synthetic"? Oh dear god... LMAO

    Quick, either blame autocorrect or get defensive about your failure to communicate.

  • Haha, neither, just failed at spelling big time.

  • What does this have to do with American's?

  • Sorry, it was a reference to the Vine where the girl talks about Kansas and Arkansas and ends with America Explain!

  • You should have included that for context. The way it is, you just sound like some mongoloid who found caffeine and wants to practice its English.

  • Apparently only American females have cycles now. Not sure when that started maybe it was when Trump got elected. Don't know.

  • I see you are in love with Trump.

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