Maybe the mods do lool at these?

Looking at all the sick stuff people write on this site,it makes you wonder if the mods ever vet it, I'm disgusted by the amount of kiddy fiddling stuff on here, incest, sexual abuse etc
Not to mention the belly sitters(weird or what)

So I in my boredom about a week ago,made a fake confession saying how I worked in a hospital as an orderly,and said how I sometimes,if the woman was pretty, would look at and touch the dead ones in the morgue, even said how
"yes,in case you're wondering,I've eaten dead pu$$y"

And its never been posted!!! So it seems I've found the mods level,
Incest,peados belly sitting? Fill your boots! But mention fingering a stiff and whoah there son,that's not right!šŸ˜…šŸ˜…

Anyone else had similar experiences?

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  • Your correct there is bad mojo that is sadly tolerated here. I won't mention the site, the majority of the confessions are about pedo content and it's over run with the vilest forms of worthless scum that live in their mothers basement.

  • I wonder how many sites get modded, some more than others. This is one of the ones that really have me scratching my head. There is so. much. bullshit being let through as confessions when they totally aren't. And wtf is up with the asterisk-ing of "naughty" words (some of which actually aren't but sound like they could be)? Tons of horrible stuff gets through, but ohhh, don't type out the F word, someone might get the vapors.

  • Exactly my point! šŸ‘

  • Sometimes it take a long time for posts to show up

  • Ya go to facebook lol

  • Axxholes such as yourself need to go to facebook

  • So you are defending the paedophile posters in here then??
    I think the op is right.

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