My first adventure ias a cuckold wife

Mike and I had only been married for a short time when he first confessed that he had this desire to watch me with another man.
I told him it was sick and disgusting but in a couple days he brought it up again and we had some very bad arguments over this in the next few weeks and I was ready to leave him but then I found out that I was pregnant.
When I told him this he only became more interested insisting that since I was already pregnant I could do it without any worry.
I laughed at that because it sounded so absurd. He started acting weird wanting me to pretend to be other guys when we had s** and I went along with it for awhile then one night I was really turned on after some foreplay and when he asked me to do it with another guy I said OK.
I was sure that I could talk him out of it but he persisted insisting that I had agreed so I finally agreed but on the condition that the guy and I would go into the bedroom alone and I would tell him about it afterwards.
We argued about that to but he finally gave I. I did not want to know anything about who the guy was going to b or anything else.
I just told Mike to pick a guy that was clean for me and much to my surprise he had already picked Doug a friend of his and he told me hat Doug already knew bout the setup.
I was mad enough to kill the a****** but when Mike asked hen we could do it I said as soon as possible and get it over with.
I was a nervous wreck after the last week cursing myself for giving in like that then Mike called rom work the next day and said Doug would be over for inner and to get ready for some action.
I was almost sick to my stomach waiting for that evening an or some reason t seamed t pass by faster than usual.
At 6: pm I took a quick shower and I planned to soak in the bathtub after he did me.
Mike and Doug got there within minutes of each r and I remembered Doug to be such a nice guy but tonight he was looking me over like I was a prime rib or something almost drooling and my tummy was full of butterfly's.
I just picked at my food at dinner time as Mike and Doug told dirty jokes nd
Mike told Doug what I liked and he told him I gave great head much to my shame then all to soon dinner was over and I started cleaning up the table but Mike said that can wait hon it is time for you to give Doug some of that tight p**** of yours.
I was dreading this and when Doug took my hand and led me to the bedroom I thought I was going to puke Mike undressed me s I stood there like a statue then he sucked on my b****** and fingered me my face felt swollen from shame as Doug pushed me back onto the bed his breathing was coming in harsh gasps and I thought he will c** very quickly so I can get it over with I laid there my body rigid staring at the ceiling as he undressed then the bed gave and Doug was above me looking at my nude body I felt his hungry gaze travel over my body then he was forcing my legs apart and I started to struggle but to no avail he was much stronger than I was.
finally I stopped struggling and laid there gasping for breath I knew that there was no hope of him changing his mind now as I stared at the ceiling just wanting it to be over with then I felt his hard c*** against my leg and Doug had two of his fingers in me pumping in and out then his c*** head was pushing my p**** open and with a thrust he was in me.
I looked over at the closet mirror and I could see us with him on top of me his hairy ass pumping then I saw the bedroom door open a crack and I thought that b****** is watching us.
As I watched the door opened even more and in the shadows I could make out his body and he was masturbating my god he promised not to watch and I thought OK mister you wanted to watch so watch and I wrapped my arms around Dougs back and My body started responding to his I was mad as a hornet and I threw myself int giving that ass hole something to think about but after only a short time my body betrayed me and began to really respond to me and I heard a voice saying don't c** yet don't c** yet and I realized that it was my nervous energy had turned into a sexual need nd I was using him just as much as he was using me.
Doug came very soon after that but I wrapped my legs around his hips and I worked my hand in between us determined now to relieve this tension with my fingers.
I could feel his c*** in me and my fingers rubbed furiously against his c*** as I neared my o***** then it washed over me like an ocean wave leaving me breathless.
After I came down from my o***** I looked at the door and said you can come in now as Doug got up and raced to the bathroom .
I looked at Mike and said well you wanted to see it so I hope you are happy want to look at his c** as I spread my legs pulling my p**** open for him enjoying the look on his face now then I said I need a bath get rid of him so we can talk we need to make up some rules for this if this is what you want.


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  • My husband had this same fantasy for years and was constantly talking about it during s**. It moved from during s** to still talking about it after s** or just randomly bringing it up. He started pointing out men while we we out asking if I found them attractive asking if I would want to f*** them. The strange part was I began noticing all the men he asked about or would point out generally had the same features. Not only did he want me to f*** another man but he indeed had a type he wanted to watch me with. I started playing along telling him that yes I would love to f*** this guy or that guy. In the bedroom I would get more graphic talking about someone we may have seen while out and my husband would go crazy f****** me while I talked dirty about wanting to suck and f*** other men. Eventually I told him if he really wanted it and could handle me with another man I would do it. He set everything up , the guy was someone I had met before that worked with my husband just at a different region. The first thing I noticed was this guy was my husband's (type) just like all the guys he would point out. Then the moment came, we were in bed my husband watching as I was sucking this guy's c*** . I can see him watching and he starts masturbating . I get on my hands and knees facing my husband , his friend starts f****** me and I ask my husband if he wanted a b******. he said no he just wanted to watch. He moved to the bed got right behind me watching this guy sliding in and out of me. Then I hear " oh yeah play with my b****, " then feel a hand between us and realize my husband is playing with this guys d***.I pulled away looked at my husband now still holding this guy's c*** and was like well now it all makes sense and just told him to have funny. He asked if I was upset, I told him no it was ok and then got a huge shock as I watched my husband go down on him and suck him off.

  • Never in a million years would I have believed this stuff happens until we lived it. My husband and I toyed around with the idea of a threesome for a few years. It was mostly him bringing it up from time to time then it turned into him asking if I would ever really want to do it. After a long talk I told him if he really was into trying it I would go along with it. It only took him two weeks before he had a"friend" who was willing to join us. Let me stress this was supposed to be two men making love to me what happened was something completely different. It started out with them all over me and at one point I'm getting my p**** licked while straddling my husband's face . The "friend" is behind me kissing my neck and playing with my t*** all is going well until the " friend" disappears and my husband starts pushing me back saying "oh f***, oh f***" I more off to the side and see the "friend" bobbing up and down on my husband's c***.Now I'm thinking my husband is going to lose it and kill this guy but instead tells him to slow down so he doesn't c**. I ended up getting f***** by them both and watched them 69 after asking my husband if he wanted to try sucking the "friend's" c***. It was a very odd night and really strange kissing my husband and tasting another man's c**.

  • I am happy for your response I left ut the part where Mike went down on me and licked his c** out of me I did not know how that would go here,

  • How did you feel about mike eating the other man's c** from your p****?

  • I had a very intense o***** watching him lick me.

  • Had an ex-boyfriend that liked watching other men f*** me and he would spend a long time ensuring he got every drop of c** out of me. We broke up when my husband was getting ready to propose to me. He still reaches out every now and again and we both giggle when he says he hasn’t found the right woman yet, we are both sure he prefers men and I’m sure he’s in the closet sucking d****, he loves the taste, definitely more than I do. I mean I like it, but he loves it.

  • I love a sporting wife!

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