Wayward wife

The very next day after spending the night with Carl I went back to Sharon's Apartment and my Husband Jim was there outside in his car and he was outraged that I would go out and pick up a guy in the bar and go home with him.
I was tried and still a little bit hung over and I said if all you can do is complain go away and leave me alone I need some sleep and he sped away still in a rage so I slept until Sharon got home and we shared our experiences and she was thrilled that I got laid to.
That afternoon after seeing that Jim had left several messages for me I called him up and he was very contrite now wanting me to come home but I said we need to talk first yes i f***** a guy last night twice and I gave him a b******* this morning I wanted to see if his c** tasted like yours dose and it did .
I plan on coming back to you if we can reach an understanding about something and he was listening so I continued I explained to Carl that you have wanted to watch me f*** another man and takes pictures for a long time and Carl agreed to do it if you still want to but first I am going to stay here for another night because I want to find another guy for tonight I feel free right now and I am loving it so that,s the deal you get to watch guys f*** me and in turn I get another night to go wild and f*** some stranger Deal????
He started to complain but I said thats it bud so make up your mind and I dont want you calling here all day long let me enjoy what it was like last night.
He grudgingly agreed to my demands so I said I love you Jim but right now I just want to enjoy some nasty s** bye bye honny and I hung up and told Sharon all about it so we planned on going to a different bar that night in.
The band was going red hot when we went in the bar and it is open farm country out there and all the men in the bar were dressed as cowboys with big hats.
I noticed the dance floor had these mulit collored lights above the dance floor and they spun in circles making everything look like flash pictures on the people that were dancing.
Sharon is a full figured woman with large b****** and wide hips and guys were hitting on her like crazy and I am small about 5 ft even and weigh about 100 pounds my b****** are only a 34 B cup size but the look large on my small frame and I was dressed in a pull over tube top and a short skirt.
I didnt wear a bra because I am young and firm and Sharon was envious because with out a bra her b****** hung down.
Well both of us were getting to dance almost every dance until we tired and we would sit one or two out to catch our breath .
The young cowboys were h**** and trying to feel me up almost from the start but I let them grope me all except when they tried to get their hands underneath my tube top then I made them stop but I let them feel my ass and pull me up tight against their hard c**** I was having a ball.
Then mister wonderfull asked me to dance and I could see that he was probably in his mid 40,s but he was a hunk and when Sharon saw him she raised her eyebroys in apreciation.

Doug was his name and he worked on a cattle ranch and I loved his musical very masculin voice as he talked during the band breaks . .
Mostly all the dance bars are so loud that you have to yell so we could only talk if we went outside or at break times.
I only had a couple drinks because I was dancing every dance but now I was sitting with Doug and other guys left us alone.
He was so tall that when we kissed on the dance floor I had to stand on his instep and he would lean over and we would kiss with me standing on his feet and when he made is move to get under my tube top I let him.
With the spinning lights above the dance floor it looked sureal andnothing was clearly defined so wheeh he got me to the far side of the dance floor away fron the bar I let him lift my skirt and finger me as we rocked back and forth like we were dancing
As the evening passed people began to leave and Doug got braver even lifting me off my feet and he had me wrap my legs around his hips and he tried to dry f*** me.
I was very excited when his hard c*** toutched my mound and he tried to get it in me but my panyys were in the way.
After we finished the dance I went into the ladies room and took my pantys off and Doug smiled widely at me as I handed them to him.
Sharon had been long gone with her guy as the last dance started and there were only a couple more dancers still there as he pulled me out onto the dance floor and we danced over to the dark side and Doug grabbed my ass cheeks and lifted me up to him and we kissed as he unzipped his pants and got his c*** out then he and I worked my skirt up and we were struggeling to get his c*** in me and he finally had to lift me higher so I could guide him into me and I was so wet by this time he slipped into me easily.
I was breathing hard afraid we would be caught and I asked if he would c** and he assured me that he would .
I was looking around nervously when I felt my o***** growing in me .
I had to raise my voice for him to hear me but I said I am going to c** and he was grunting and thrusting into me in frantic strokes noe and neither of us cared anymore if we were caught My o***** gushed out of my then Dug pulled me up tight against him and he started c****** to I could feel his c*** pulse inside of me as his hot sperm coated the walls of my p**** we clung together as our o****** claimed us then He gently lowered me to the floor and I noticed that all of the band was watching us and I felt my face flame in embarrasment but Doug just laughed and gave the band a high sign.
I grabbed some napkins off the table and asked for my pantys back because his and my c** was running down my legs and I wiped it off and tucked the napkins into my pantys to absorbe some of our juice.
When we got to his apartment I was in for another shock he was black but had a white mand features and he was only half black his mother is Italian and his farher is black.
We undressed to do a little exploringand i couls see how black his c*** was compared to his regular skin color and it looked so powerfull. Not as long as Jims 9 inch c*** but much bigger around with a well defined c*** head and huge b**** that I had trouble sucking on .
His c*** looked beautiful and I traced it from stem to tip several times licking it like a lollypop teasing his under side of his c*** head with the tip of my tongue until he was ready then with him on his back I mounted him sitting on his c*** as he took my b****** in his hands as I rode him.
we talked and laughed and he asked about my wedding ring so I told him the situation and he to agreed to s**** me in front of Jim if we wanted a I down loaded his # to it seamed like it took a long time before I felt my o***** grow in me then in a rush I came then I came a second time with ore mini c*** after that.
Doug hadent c** yet so I dismounted and took his c*** back into my mouth stroking it and sucking on his c*** head listening to him talk and then he became quiet and he laid his hands on the back of my head I asked are you going to c** and he murmered ughm humm his hips began to move and he pushed my mouth down onto his c*** gacking himself off with my mouth now until his body went rigid and he grunted straining up against my mouth then his c*** started squirting large ammounts of his c** and I swallowed as fast as i could drinking his sperm.
The next morning we slept in then he and I f***** before I left and I used my pantys and napkins to old his cm in me until I got home.
Jim wanted to see his c** in me but I made him lay on his back on the bed and I lowered my p**** to his mouth and made nim lick Dougs c** out of me.

Jan 29, 2019

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