Overdone care

I'm 17 now but all my life have had Juvenile Osteoporosis which makes it very difficult for me to walk. I was adopted as an infant but have an extremely loving family and variety of close family friends. That's the problem because no matter what, there is always someone taking care of me. Aside from father and mother there are aunts, older female cousins, and female family friends who don't have to work. They help me dress, make my bed, cook me meals, drive me to school, and the worst thing is help me shower. Its probably more but since I can remember at least a dozen of them have washed me and seen me naked so many times but its still embarrassing. The biggest problem since I was about 14 or 15 is that I get erections sometimes without wanting to. It never happens if its my father or mother but it does when its an aunt , a cousin or one of mother's friends. I try to wash myself as much as I can but some of them won't let me do much and insist on doing it for me. Then when they rinse the soap off me they use the hand held shower nozzle. Once they spray my genitals with it I almost always get a h******. This just makes everything more humiliating and most of them never say anything. My Aunt Meg always tells me its ok and tells me not to be embarrassed about it. My cousin Teresa is only 28 and she always has to say she doesn't mean to make me get hard but has to get all the soap off. Its just as bad when I'm out of the shower because I can't lean down enough to dry my legs. They stoop down and either my genitals or my ass is right where there head is. Then they help me dress. Mother works 5 days a week and never gets home until after 7 or 7:30 each night. One of them picks me up at school everyday and by the time mother gets home I've had my shower and they made me dinner. Another thing that's bad is when one of my mother's friends, who I haven't seen in a few weeks or a month shows up at school. Its like there going to see me naked for the first time all over again and I pray I don't get an erection. I read a lot of stuff on these sites and lots of guys like having somebody wash them. All I can say is it sucks and I hate it everyday. Its no fun to be embarrassed the way I am. No matter where I go or whos at the house there is always somebody there who see me naked. If I'm at a family event or gathering I'm surrounded by women who see me naked often and most of them have seen me with an erection. They are all nice to me but I don't know what they think about me.

Feb 14, 2019

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  • Obviously they love you and take loving care of you.

  • Care giving at any age will present problems at times.

  • Ha ha

  • Please dont feel guilty. l help shower my little brother. l,ts a normal reaction. he is 10 and get's hard sometime's...

  • You are a great caregiver.

  • Thank you and im his sister.

  • Not many people realize what it is to take care of someone with personal hygiene or bathing. I applaud you.

  • Thank you for saying that too me. i'm his sister and i will be 13 soon..

  • Your welcome and I know you need patience sometime. I have a feeling you love him very much.

  • Your kind too say that..

  • Does your brother need help with other things?

  • My mom is not well alot and my dad works. he is very strict with me and i hardley get too hang out with my friends..

  • It appears to me that your dad is making you do things your mom otherwise would do.

  • You seem very nice.

  • Yes your rite.

  • You are doing grown up things.

  • Were do you live.

  • U.S.A.

  • Yous have so much snow there.

  • Wow i would love too live there one day.

  • You mean with my dad.

  • Does he force you?

  • Sometimes he does and after he spanked me. my mom went out with my brother.

  • Spanking you is not right and forcing you is not right.

  • Thank you..

  • Does your dad sleep with you?

  • When my mom is not here. sometimes he comes into my room when she is sleeping. i wanted too stay at my friends on fryday and i got into a fight with my mom. my dad spanked me and i just wanted too stay at my friends. i will be 13 in augast..

  • Do you and brother go to school?

  • Do you have to cook meals also?

  • Yes sometimes i do and i clean alot.

  • My brother goes too a special school. im off because i am not well.

  • Not well what is the matter?

  • I just have stomach pains. he allways spanks me and said its for answer my mom back.

  • Have you had your period yet?

  • Not yet and my friend had hers.

  • Sometimes..

  • Thaks and i do.

  • Yeah f-off...sound to me like you're just fishing for pervy comments.

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