My fetish is being selfish

I met a girl who was more than willing to do whatever I want to make me sexually satisfied. Normally this would be a dream come true. The thing is that I don't return the favor and I don't feel bad about it at all.

I always get what I want when she comes over. I always get at least one bj, she licks my bawlz, and if I'm in the mood for it, then doggystyle. I always pull her hair, hold her throat, and she always swallows. The thing is, I never return the favor. I have never even asked what she's into. The lack of attention paid to her and the complete focus on my desires is what gets me off hardcore. I love being able to have her over for a bj and relax and not having to do anything afterwords. Like the BJ is the main course. I don't intend on pleasing her sexually at all. And this dynamic turns me on. She says things like "i'm a giver!" And she has even said that some people prefer to give and some prefer to receive and if I'm a reciever then I should be honest about my sexuality. I'm like "h*** yeah I like to revieve, now get on your knees!" and she does. It's incredible!

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