How I go into diapers at 11

I had to stay with my grandma for a while when I was 11 due to my sister needing the house to herself for a sleepover for the weekend. Call me Kevin. I had stayed at my grandmother's many times before. We hung out and did all sorts of arts and craft activities. When I was younger I wet the bed and still had daytime accidents sometimes. For a the first night, I woke up dry. If I wetted the bed again, I would have to wear diapers.

Across the street I noticed a girl outside about my age, squatting in the yard like no one was watching. Let's call her Mindy. I went to say hi, and she greeted me like nothing had happened. Strange. I told her my name and asked what she up to and she said playing around outside. I told Mindy I saw her squatting while making a weird face. She told me she was going to the bathroom. I was confused, but she said she wears diapers. Oh, that makes sense. Mindy asked if I wore diapers. I lied and said yes. She wore Luvs. My grandma came looking for me and saw me playing with Mindy happily.

That night in the guest room, I peed on the bed sheet on purpose. That was the last straw for Grandma. She bought me a pack of diapers. I kept hanging out with Mindy. We had lots of fun. I found out she had asparagus, which cam with an weak bladder. When my mom came to pick me up from Grandma's, she saw my diaper, but she figured it was for the best. My sister just laughed at me all the while.

I needed diapers anyways, it was just a matter of time before the decision was made to use them. I remained friends with Mindy and we both wore diapers. She even let me have one of her pacifiers too. We did almost everything together from then on. We even had sleepovers.

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  • Sounds like a fun friend you have there. She's a keeper.

  • That's some friend you found. Good for you.

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