Cousins learning life

Im confessing because i havent talked to her about what happened between us and hope she never feels used. Im 53 now and my female cousin we will call her mindy is 48. 5 yrs apart. Back when i was 9 we started playing dr. Together with her twin brother very innocent you show me yours i will show mine. Every time us cousins were able to get together over the next yr we played dr. When we slept over at my place or her house she would always sleep in bed with me.and touch each others body. My mom divorced my dad when i was 10 my brother sister and mother moved to texas. Mindys mom after 2 yrs moved to texas after leaving her husband and lived with us. Mindy her brother and i started playing dr again except mindy and i kept finding moments only to our selves while people were asleep or gone leaving her brother out. One of those day we were together alone in house while our parents gone working, her brother watching cartoons In the living room We slipped into the bedroom to play. We undressed knowing we didnt have long together and we leared laying on top of each other letting me rub my erection on her felt good, we layed together rubbing our parts for a few moments when i conviced her to let me try to put it in her. It took some work but happened and we had our moment together.
One day which makes me wonder if she might remember our time together in a bad way. Was when mindy and i was going to do our afternoon playing around. I remember clearly no one was suppose to be coming home that day and mindy and i just started to lay together playing nasty when the bedroom door opened and my brother was standing there looking at us mindy just laughed and i was wondering what going to happen. My bro is 6 yrs older than me and he closed the door behind him and said go ahead. We just layed there together not moving untill he said he would tell if we didnt keep going so we did. He left. Never happened again.
Mindy and her family moved after a few more months further away than we liked our could see each other.we moved also and time past.
When i was 16 her family moved back closer, i have a girl friend at the time so nothing really ever happened exception of showing her how to french kiss.
One night mindy and her bro spent the night at my house her bro and us slept in the livi.g room together. Mindy got on the couch with me watching tv she touched me first on my leg and i started feeling her body under the covers slowly going over each others bodies untill she was moving her hand up an down my p****. My hand in her crouch. I kept thinking this is not right shes to young now. When her brother fell asleep on the floor we made out and i felt the inside of her with my fingers. She wanted for us to go further and i just kinda stopped it and ask her to just suck on me. She did this untill i let myself go in her mouth and she swallowed it all
That was the last time we were together. I knew i was to old for her. We just met up on social media 4 yrs ago but dont really talk should i ask if she thinks i took advantage of hher

Feb 8, 2017

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  • I liked my cousin when I was young, but he said no. I would just ask how she feels. Since she wanted to touch you then she probably doesn't feel taken advantage of, but since you didn't give her what she wanted, then she may feel like you didn't like her enough.

  • You did not take advantage she wanted it just as bad as you.

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