Wife weekend away

My wife went away for a weekend at the coast with her gay brother in a hotel an I think something happened she not saying she got drunk both nights an before we got together 30 years ago their was rumors of incest in her family I'd like to hear from women an men views on this



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  • My friend, get someone unknown to her deliver some flowers/candy/chocolates to her while she is at work or when you are not with her.
    Have a message sent with the gift as well, like " from your secret lover" or " from your secret admirer".
    If she tells you, act surprised.
    If she does not mention the gift, the message or anything, that day or the next, your wife might truly have some secret hidden from you.

  • If I found out she did an was f****** her brother what should I do

  • Invite him for a threesome with you and your wife!

  • Be different

  • Speak to her

  • I have asked her before that's how I found out she was f****** her other brother while I was away

  • Im sami and i have been f***** by my brother since i was 17 I am now 38, my husband knows and approves

  • So do you still have s** with your brother, have you had threesome ,with brother an husband

  • Iv f***** my sister before in the bush with my two brothers so the three of us f***** her an I was grate

  • Hi so do you think my wife f***** her brother . if she told me I could Handel it but lying to me I don't like

  • Do she have a sister if she have so start f****** her and make it evan šŸ’š. Then both of you will be in same boat . And then she will realise how it feels .

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