Hubby Likes Bigger Females - My Weight Gain Journey

Hi, I'm a 41 y/o Very happily married female. I was always skinny but had very wide hips and bigger thighs, started dating my future hubby when I was 18 and met him via a blind date.

I had never like being so flat chested with wide hips and bigger thighs, but he seemed to really like my bigger hips and thighs. I didn't think much of it at the time.

Over the years I had three kids and during each pregnancy as I got bigger out relationship became more passionate.

After I had each baby I would work to loose the baby weight as fast as I could and each time his passion for me seemed to fade. He was still a sweet and loving husband but just was not a tiger in bed or always wanting to touch me.

After the third baby was born I had my tubes tied and we settled into the married with kids doldrums. He was still a sweet guy and a great dad but it was more like we were roommates that lovers and I resorted to reading romance novels with wine in the tub.

One day I decided to have the kids spend the night at my sisters so we could have a date night. We went out to a light dinner and a movie and then came home and I tried to cuddle up and get hubby to kiss. He was nice but not that interested and I broke down and started to cry.

He asked if I was ok?

I said NO.

I asked if he still loved me?

He said "OMG yes I do"

Then I said though my tears "Then why aren't you passionate for me like you used to be? When I was a big, fat and pregnant you were Mr. EverReady now when I am slim and fit (I was at the time 5'6" 130 34B 26 38) you don't seem to have any interest in me!

He got a frightened and shocked look on his face (he never gets flustered) and looked down.

I was getting more emotional and was cry and almost screaming "You don't love me any more do you? are you having an affair?

He looked up and said OMG no... I love you.

I was so confused, emotional and a bit angry and said "then what's wrong?"

There was a long silence and then he look up and had teared up and he then told me something that left me speechless "I love you, but when you were heavier during pregnancy and right after you were so so sexy".

I was stunned and after a few second composed myself and snapped at him "OMG you liked me being a fat pregnant cow!"

I could see the hurt in his eyes at my response... Then I felt horrible... He had just told me his innermost feelings and I snapped at him.

I tried to reel back in my comment. I,I well I had no idea you like that (I was trying to be apologetic). You, you really liked me heavier?

He looked up eyes welled up on the verge of tears and said "yes, I loved you heavier. I really did"

Things the rest of the evening were awkward and we just went to bed and watched TV and don't really talk.

I had to word so hard to get my pre-kids body back and was proud of it. I had given up my favorite things to get it back (Chocolate, Pies/Cakes, Cookies, Pasta, breads, red meat and potatoes).

I though about it a lot that day and when we got home that evening and were in bed watching TV I asked him if he REALLY was serious about liking me heavier?

He looked over and me took my hand and looked me in the eyes and told me "He was very serious and he LOVED my body when I was heavier"

I said "so you want me to gain some weight?"

He looked at me with an unusually expression said "I really would"

I said "how much weight?"

He said "Well at least 25 pounds, maybe more if you like it, but you can stop and loose it if you don't. Please just try it for me."

I thought well even at 5'6" 155 I wouldn't be huge and would be about the size of a lot of women my age (35)

I said "ok, I will try it"

He smiles and hugged me and said "I love you, you will look so amazing heavier".

The next day I went o the store and picked up some things I hadn't eaten in ages (Peanut M&M's, Oreos, Mixes to makes cakes and brownies, things to make pie fillings, potatoes and fixins, and some steaks). I just started to snack and eat what I wanted when I wanted at first.

Over the next weeks and months I started to get heavier clothing tighter, bra cups fuller and went from size 8 to size 10 to size 12. I had not stepped on a scale in months.

As the weeks and months went by and I got noticeable heavier and stopped going to Spin and Yoga I really liked having more free time. I also did not have to listen to my so called "friend" telling me I was getting chubby.

Things are home were getting better and better. Husband was not only passionate again he could not do enough for me. He did more cleaning, cooking and even some of the laundry.

In the bedroom it was like when we were dating or when I was pregnant, he was a tiger and I loved it.

My size 12 mom jeans were getting pretty snug so one evening before bed I undressed and decided to get on the scale and see how close to 155 I was getting. I stepped on the electronic bathroom scale and it flashed 168.

Hubby was brushing his teeth and I gasped "OMG"

Hubby said "what'd wrong?"

I said I'm "168!!!"

He came over and hugged me and said "Are you ok?"

I said "I didn't thing I had gained this much"

He said "It looks great on you! But I'll understand if you want to loose with though"

My mind was racing my heart was beating so fast... I realized I was actually turned on that I had gained more weight that I had intended to.

I look into his eyes and I knew he was expecting me to say "I'm starting to diet tomorrow and going back to spin and yoga classes"

I had a flush of excitement was over me and I looked my husband in the eyes and said "Sweetie I don't want to loose weight, would be it ok if I tried to gain 50 more pounds?"

He looked as I could have knocked him over with a feather.

I said "I'm serious, I'm so turned on by my bigger body and that it excited you, thank you thank you thank you" and I hugged him so tight.

That was over 5 years ago and I'm now 316 pounds and loving it and we BOTH and happy and still want me to gain more weight!

Feb 26, 2019

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  • I told my wife I’d like her fatter so she started having junk food all around the house. Two years later and a long quarantine and it’s me who’s carrying around an extra 50lbs.

  • I love Seeing a woman be oblivious to the fact that she’s outgrow her mom jeans

  • Love that story, Country Girl Smiles. Have you managed to fatten your husband too or do you like the contrast?

  • My wife is slowly getting fatter I love it except for one things her her t*** are small compared to weight 44C We talked about it one day I asked one day if she would consider bust enhancement she told me she never considered it but if she did she would get very large enhancements I said great. The plastic surgeon tried to talk her out of it but she insisted so went to Mexico and after her surgery she was a fantastic 44G and she is still gaining weight just under 300lbs

  • Well have her try taking some herbals like Fenugreek that can help with breast enlargement

  • God bless you and your weight gain journey! Just please do some exercise and keep an eye on your blood pressure and cholestorol levels. As long as those are good, you can keep your fat and not worry LOL

  • Well said, fat and fit does exist

  • I love this story! I started gaining weight on our honeymoon, telling myself I would lose it later, and my new new hubby turned into a tiger, too. Before, the s** was good but this was like WOW. By the end of two weeks (we were on a cruise) I had gained 11 pounds. You can see in the pics taken on the first day and the last day and I have chubby chipmunk cheeks!

    I have never cared more or less about weight, but when I found out he REALLY likes "extra," I just kept going - had Entemann's cake for breakfast most days (with eggs and fruit), a snacky treat at, say, 10 AM - cookies or a bagel - then a nice big lunch, another snack at 3, a nice dinner and, always, a pint of ice cream before bed (over, say, two hours, though - I didn't jam an entire pint in 5 minutes!)

    I don't have to tell you what happened in the next 1-2 years. And after two children. I do walk a bit for my health, but I passed 300 pounds two years ago and told him about it and, boy, oh boy...I feel like a model with him chasing me all over the place. I don't know when the gaining will stop, I am 312 as of this morning (I'm 5'3) but I figure I'll reach a "Set point."

    I don't know if they allow embedded photos here but here is a photo from 2 weeks ago.

  • Your picture didn’t show. Want to try again? Would love to see what you’ve done to your sexy self.

  • I've had a very similar experience. I started to gain weight after many years of struggling to meet societies perception of how we should look. Hubby always told me he'd love me no matter how big I was. So I let myself go, I loved the freedom, I found myself loving the weight I was gaining, the getting bigger, heavier & just kept going. Now I'm 536lbs and very happy and so is hubby and I'm still not worried if a gain more.

  • I can't seem to get in under my screen name here, this is about me. I'm now 340 and very happy bigger.

    I realize everybody is different and some my not like bigger heavier, I was like that to a point before I gained the weight. I'm truly happier as a bbw and to be honest wish this had all happened years before. It really explains a lot of the ups and down in my relationship and marriage.

  • 340 sounds like a great number, I am 312 and wondering at what point I should maybe stop growing. 340 sounds like a good number, it's enough over 300 that I won't dip down into the 200s again, but it's not 400, which to me would be too much, I think. I still like to do stuff. Including going to the beach!

  • I wish your experience would help my girlfriend see that it's not all bad putting on weight. I finally told her that the idea of a women gaining weight slowly and enjoying it turns me on but she can't get past the idea that being fat will make her very unhealthy and unhappy. She's never been fat and I feel that her fear and the stigma that society places on overweight people is playing into her dislike of my preference.

  • That's definitely a consideration, the stigma, and she needs to be prepared for it. I got married and gained 40 pounds and became invisible out there in the world. I mean it went from guys checking me out and holding the door for me to literally letting it close in my face after I got fat, plus people thinking I was 10 years older than i am (25) because fat makes you look older. Also the comments, like my niece, in front of everyone, "Why did you get so fat??"

  • It is getting past the stigma, I did I am so much happier than I have ever been. 536lb happy fatty

  • That's weird.... Did some more recent comments get deleted?

  • How much weight do you want to gain? My hubby has fattened me and I liked it too, so much so I am now 525lbs and still gaining.

  • I'm now right at 308 and yes want to gain more

  • Like I said I'm 525 and love the weight I've gained and want to get even fatter

  • What an amazing love story! What are your measurements nowadays?

  • 48G 36 60

  • WOW beautiful! What a lovely pear shape! Would you ever share a before and after photo on here?

  • My belly grew to 60 inches and my thighs 33 inches each...I would love to show a before and after pic. I was 180 and now 317.

  • You should share more about your gain and milestones! What are you up to now and how's life changed?

  • Ignore the fat haters! I was in a similar situation & always struggled with my weight. But I met a loving man & he didn't care about my weight & I just let myself enjoy life. I just got fatter & fatter & like you am turned on by my bigger body, so I've kept gaining. I am now 560lbs & love it.

  • I hear you, I also was in similar situation & met a very loving man, who has supported my, trying to keep my weight down, but it was always a struggle. So I just let go & with how my hubby spoils me, got fatter & fatter. My bigger body turns me on as well & just kept gaining & still am, even though I'm now 630lbs.

  • I'm 340 and still loving gaining

  • Keep gaining I love being 630lbs, my hubby can't keep his hands off me & I so love it when he runs his hands over my fat body, just makes me want to get even fatter!

  • You're a guy, anyone can see right through your posts. F*** off

  • OMG, THANK YOU, that great, I love hearing that :-)

  • Glad you love hearing that, I loved hearing 630lb other happy fatties comment. I'll be getting getting even fatter now too. 536lb happy fatty.

  • Yes keep gaining 536 Happy Fatty. I just love being over 600lbs

  • So nice to hear there are others that have had an experience similar to me... HUGS

  • I think it's happening all over the world as the population gets fatter, it becomes more accepted and I think WAY more guys are into it than let on, for their own reasons.

  • To each their own. I also like bigger females. As long as you and your hubby are happy, that is all that matters. My gf and I are on the same path. While she is 8 inches taller than me and at least 400 lb heavier than me, she wants to gain more. Mind you, she is also much younger than me. We love each other's company and don't care for other peoples' opinions.

  • Awesome story! My wife is 5’4 and weighs 447 pounds. I weigh about 160 so she’s quite a bit bigger than I am. She apologizes to nobody for her weight, and enjoys seeing the looks she draws from other women when she is with her fit husband. She struts it on the beach in her 2 piece and I love being seen with her.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Don’t worry about what some of these people are saying. Fat haters are out there always spouting off their opinions as if they matter. They don’t.

  • Erm yeah,they do.

    Fat haters are normal, being a glutton,and abusing your body is not. Its disgusting to look at, the smell is offensive and YOU are a laughing stock for being seen with a fat sow.
    477 pounds 😷 hideous. She should be ashamed ,and if like you say,she has no shame,then I can only hope that her heart attack comes soon.
    Apologises to no one for her weight lmao, yeah,whoop,you go girl,feel empowered as you strutt about.....then have to sit down after walking 5 steps as you're out of breath.

    Disgusting pig.

  • F*** you fascist

  • Haha tell me more, it turns me on to hear "disgusting pig" and I'm sure it turns you on, too. Fat-haters are all so transparent, they go on PornHub and look at enormous women, have their o*****, then hate themselves and post "Disgusting!" and "I hope you have a heart attack." Yes, lovely lovely people are the closet chubby chasers!

  • You sound a little jealous. Sorry she’s already taken!

  • Haha,no,not jealous lol just awaiting the news of her coronary

  • She’s probably going to outlive you. All that hate you keep inside can’t be healthy.

  • Haha nah I doubt it,and you know deep down she's one Hershey bar away from the grave!!! Her ass must stink with her not being able to wipe it properly,and her cheesy pu$$y must be vomit inducing 😷

  • Thank you :-)

  • YW! :-*

  • I will happily jack myself off when I hear the news that you've had a massive heart attack you obese disgusting person.

    Nothing sexy,if anything,repulsive. Bet you have no hygiene skills down their, a hive of bacteria and everyone you walk past being fully aware of the fudgy poo smell from you.

    Words cannot express my hatred if your fatness. We're a laughing stock around the world thanks to you.

  • Your husband is a very lucky man. There is nothing sexier than a big fat girl that is into getting fatter. My wife has gotten huge and I love every ounce of her, but she doesn't like all the weight she's put on. I wish she would embrace her growing obesity like you have. Good for you for doing what makes you happy!

  • Just watch your overall health. Some people’s bodies can tolerate fat a lot better than others.

  • Thank you so much for the sweet comments! Hugs :-)

  • The most important is how you both feel. Enjoy.

  • I'm the opposite. I like my gf to be hungry, skinny and wear tight clothing. I am very controlling and get turned on by controlling her. I have her weigh herself every day and message me her weight. I will do things like put her in her corset and keep it tight. On occasion I will have her fast for several days. Normally this starts with no dinner of Thursday night. Sometimes by Sunday she is a bit shaky.

  • As an American I couldn't agree with you more. Fat America is disgusting to look at and deal with obese people and their self gorged inflicted mess.

  • Dirty fat sweaty mess.
    You disgust me and the American public

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