Sleepover fun

My wife's sister came and stayed the night with us, She had dropped her kids off with her parents and came to the city to shop for the day and ended up stopping in at our place for supper, She had a couple drinks and figured she maybe shouldn't drive home so texted her husband and cleared it with him then with her mom and said "Guess I'm staying the night".
We have a one bedroom apartment so my wife made up the couch in the living room for her, Of course we had a few more drinks before going to bed and then crashed, I was laying in bed and couldn't sleep and apparently neither could she, I heard foot steps then heard the kitchen tap turn on then off and heard the clink of a glass on the end table. I was laying there and it was deathly quiet in the apartment with the only noise being the odd car outside but then I heard rustling from the living room, I laid there listening and the noise continued.
I was laying there thinking "What is she doing, Is she just restless, Is she tossing and turning?" Then it hit me..."She's rubbing one out". My wife's sister is her oldest sibling at 40 and I am 29 but she is still a good looking woman, Cute face, Freckles, smaller brea$t$, avearage build, Wide hips and a round bu++ with nice freckly legs so of course I figured if possible maybe I could sneak a peek, I slinked out of bed while my wife was sleeping and step by step carefully walked to the kitchen where I was able to lean around the corner of the cabinets and see the couch. She was laying with her feet toward the kitchen and I leaned over seeing her foot sticking up under the blanket, I leaned a little more and inch by inch I could see more and more as I did I could see that she had one leg pulled up with her knee resting against the back of the couch and her other leg out to the side, She had her hand in the pyjama pants she had borrowed from my wife and was rubbing, I could see from the light outside which lit the room just enough that she wasn't wearing a bra and although I had always thought she had average sized brea$t$ that there was little more than a small bump under her shirt but her pokies were showing right through.
I was a bit disappointed that I had risked getting caught to simply see her nips sticking up through her shirt and just as I was about to sneak back to bed she stopped and froze, I thought for sure she could sense that I was there or had heard me breathing or something so I froze, Not moving a muscle and she laid there real still and not making a sound but still had her hand in her pants, I leaned back and could only see her feet and when she moved I almost panicked thinking she was going to get up and come find me spying on her but I leaned in and looked as she lifted her hips and pulled her pants to her ankles, She put one knee back resting against the back of the couch and flopped her other knee open to the side again.
I was standing there and had a full view of my wife's older sisters vag, I was quite surprised to see that a 40 year old mother of 3 and married 20 years has a bald vag, Completely bald and it didn't look like it had been punched out like I half expected (Never having been with a woman with kids), She has a total "Innie" vag, Bald, Pink and looks nice, I know my wife is jealous of the fact her sister has not one stretch mark apparently because my wife has some small ones on her thighs from just losing some weight over the last couple years and her sister had 3 kids and not one.
Anyway I stood there peeking as she softly ran her hand up and down her pink lips then lifted her hand to her mouth and put some spit on her fingers before going back to rubbing, She reached down with her other hand once she had her self all slippery and spread her puffy vag lips with one hand and used the middle finger from the other hand to find her little button, She was playing around with it just softly rubbing it and flicking it with her finger and then she slid her finger inside and took a deep breath as she slid it in then let out a quiet sigh, She started working her finger in and out and slid her other hand up her shirt, She was laying there fingering and playing with her nips then stopped, Quickly sat up and pulled her shirt off, Her brea$t$ when sitting up are small, Smaller than I thought they would be and have big brown nips on them, Small saggy and wiggly then when she laid back down they almost completely got absorbed by her chest leaving just a little bump with a tall nip standing up on them.
She covered her self up with the blanket obviously incase anyone happened along but I decided to stay and watch what I could anyway and luckily she ended up kicking the blanket off after a minute or so, and she was working hard, She was sliding her finger in and out fast with one hand and I could hear how wet she was and I watched as she pulled her nip with the other hand, As she did it stretched out the skin left by her saggy brea$t$ making it wrinkly and stretched out looking. After just a couple minutes she changed her pace and she would finger herself fast then tense up her bu++ and hold her finger deep inside but she was wiggling her finger then relax her bu++ and finger fast again for a couple seconds and do it all over again, After about five times she tensed up, Held it wiggling her finger inside and her whole body started to shake as she let out a long, deep sigh then released her strangle hold on her poor nip that she had stretched to its limit and laid there taking deep breaths and letting them out every time her whole body tensed up then relaxed.
After a minute she slowly pulled her finger out of her bald little vag and sat up, I leaned back so as not to be seen but I watched as she leaned over and pulled her pants up, Leaned forward her boobs look like a small tube sock with sand in the end and when she sat back catching her breath they laid pretty much flat on her chest like a deflated balloon with a big nip on the end of it, she looked down and grabbed the brea$t she had been stretching out and folded it in half looking at the poor nip she had been beating up on and gave it a rub then reached for her shirt.
That was when I decided the show was over and as she moved around fixing the blankets and so on I used that noise to disguise my exit back to the bedroom, I slid back into bed and since my wife and I always sleep naked I had not been wearing anything so had I gotten caught it would have been even more of a situation, I was just about to pull the covers over me when I heard footsteps and instantly figured she would be going to the bathroom after her late night solo romp so I laid back and left my self uncovered, She walked past, stopped, Stepped back looking into the room and then lifted her eyebrows and tilted her head to the side, I was peeking out of one eye watching her and she pursed up her lips, Nodded her head in approval and went to the bathroom, I heard her pee then wash her hands and on her way back to the couch she stopped and took one more look then headed off to bed and I covered up and passed out.
In the morning I got up and made coffee then sat in the living room playing on my phone, My wife's sister is a back sleeper so her flat chest and big pokies were on display, She opened her eyes and stretched then looked down at her chest and covered up her hard nips saying "Coffee on?", I said "Yup" and she kept one arm across her chest and grabbed her bra from beside the couch heading to the bathroom, She came back and had her bra on then had coffee and decided she should get home.

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