Hate my step daughter

I hate my step daughter so much, she is s thirteen year old spoiled little girl. SHE DOES NOTHING, she can’t wash clothes due laundry she still p***** her self. But then has this intitlement that she’s better, she needs her hair done not at home but salon, her nails done. Her playground father spoils the s*** out of the little b****. Buys her Canada goose jacket moncler clothes f****** idiot. Yet she’s going to a public school how dumb does that look. But when I say hey clean up your room, or stop p****** yourself it’s a problem. Rolling the eyes. Just she’s always here making my marriage worse and worse. She acts like her mom is her friend. Her mother loves her but does not spoil her but She is not gonna throw her out as well. But I wish she would so she can get slapped in the face with reality. Always some problem whether it’s the food or the activity or this or that . Just some issue. Gotta go she’s mad I won’t let her have her iPhone 10x in my house. She’s not responsible


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  • Wow selfish much, don't have kids of your own. Something tells me you couldn't do better. If it's so bad why are you with her father? You knew what you were getting into. Did you ever think the fact that she doesnt have a mother, only a father that doesn't know how to raise a girl, and step mother that resents her, is maybe why she is struggling. So much for being an adult and stepping up to help your partner raise his daughter. H*** why is with you lol? Every relationship you have won't be fulfilling it you are just in it for yourself.

  • What jumps out at me is at 13 she is still urinating on herself. Sounds like she needs to see a urologist ASAP. I kind of doubt this is something she's doing by choice. As for her dad buying her nice stuff. If he can afford it then great, why would you mind her having nice things? And as for throwing a 13 yo out, are you nuts or what? She sounds like a 13 yo girl. And you sound as immature as her. But she is 13 what's your excuse? I agree she should have certain chores she should be responsible for and there should be some punishment if she doesn't do them. But the biggest thing is that you and her mother need to be on the same page. You seem to not like the idea that she's intruding on your and your wife's lives. But you're the one who married a woman who had a daughter. And unless she hid her in a closet until after the wedding you knew this yet you married her anyway, Did you think she was going to disown her daughter once you got married? It sounds like you're jealous of your stepdaughter and you're acting like a real j***. And as far as her going to public school, most people go to public school so whats dumb about that?

  • She’s 13 you douche. Wtf do you expect?

  • I'm 13 and I don't know anyone like that

  • I bet you dont and if you did act like that. you would have a red a***.

  • Hi, 13 is a nice age

  • Settle down hun... sweetie... hun... I have a nice basement waiting for you hun... sweetie...

  • Haha hello Josef fritzel! Long time no hear! Hows the basement renovations going?

  • Good for nothing kids like that don't get better with time. Their non sense of entitlement is horrible until they learn to do for themselves later in life.
    If you don't have kid(s) with your husband leave for your own piece of mind.
    If you do have kid(s)seek counseling for you & their sanity. Trust me kids see everything going on.

  • You should have permission too discipline her as you see fit..

  • Lf our daughter ever did even half off that. l would redden her little bare buns.!

  • I would spank her good and hard..

  • Then get your c*** in her

  • My step daughter is 11 and for a long time has being disrespecting her mom and other's. l'm in there life's over three year's. finaly after much purswation and my wifes permission. l gave her the spanking off her life last night. she is grounded for two weeks and early bedtime and going too rescive a spanking before bed for next two weeks...

  • Earlier bedtime means more time for f****** her

  • Good for yiu.

  • ^^same person answered their own post^^

  • What happens when you do something wrong? Do you get a kick in for two solid weeks?

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