A family affair like you never imagined.

When I was in high school (1989) I had a sexual relationship with my best friends girls friends mother who was passed away 4 yrs ago. Recently this same best friend had a weekend getaway and 26yo granddaughter (gd) was there with her mom, my buddies exgirlfriend.
The gd & I was on the patio smoking a cigar & sipping on my private Armagnac stash. The gd says you know my mom has a love/hate issue with you. I responded I know and it's a catch 22 because I may have been the reason her mom & dad never reunited. After confirming the grandmother (gm) side of her story the gd says her gm said I was the best lover she experienced. Apparently gm shared intimate detail with her gd who ended the night with you are still that gentleman gm loved eternally.
Understand the gm was a teen mom to a rolling stone older man & gm was a realist. I shared with the gd her gm was exquisite and I was lucky to have been in her presence as a young man who was mature for my age.
After HS I joined the Air Force & married quickly. I visited her gm during leaves to check in on her. I never imagined being serious with another woman.
The next evening gd comes to dinner in a blue wrap dress much like her gm wore on our first platonic date. I was smitten as soon as she entered the room but not in a nostalgic way. The gd has an old soul much like I did at that age. We stepped danced then talked & laughed into the early am again with cigars till my stash depleted. When we ended the evening or morning I walked sd back to our floor & she said she wasn't sleepy yet.
She asked if she could come to my room as her mom was probably sleeping and she was no way near ready to call it a night. Next thing I know we was touching another & she said she needed to experience what her heart tells her to indulge. Of course I was obliged to reciprocate her desire.
I showed sd how tantric intimacy was different than sexual intercourse. I can attest sd had never experienced that type of affection as she climaxed multiple times. Later she reluctantly left because she shared a room with her mom & didn't want to disrespect her trust staying out all night but returned just after breakfast where we endulged deeper. Earlier I was in shock to have her interest but that time I made sure she had pleasures she only dreamed was possible. We've talked since and the conversation is erotic. We made plans to meet next month when I return home. I have to say the passion we exude from each other is more alluring as it was with the other experiences from years ago.


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  • Dude the way you write this sh.it.e makes you sound like Finch from American pie πŸ˜…

  • I almost didn't post because writing it was at that early morning just got off the phone step back moment like this is surreal.
    She's smitten over her perception of a Renaissance man persona.
    Also my buddy knows of the situation so I'll assume now her mom knows as well.
    My only reprieve is her mom is aware her past demeanor and she's an admitted concubine per our conversation.
    Hopefully we can work things out to a mutual understanding.

  • Yeah I'm guessing you're a fedora wearing neckbeard,go suck a d.i.c.k m'lady

  • You really like saying "fedora wearing neckbeard" don't you? What does that say about YOU?

  • Crazy

  • Crazy in love by Beyonce?

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