So f***ing close

You ever think you're doing so well with someone and then out of nowhere you get blind sided..? Simple short story but i'm wondering who else can relate. Met this cute girl in beginning semester of college at a party, we start hanging out. Have a lot of interests start getting close (late night texts, bringing each other coffee to class etc.). Telling self "take the friends first route because you really like her and wanna know her". Notice while hanging out she's on phone more often smiling, giggling, replying to texts. Jokingly ask is that your bf.

She replies "We're friends for now". Conversation goes on, come to find out in the three weeks we've known each other last week he just sat next to her and chatted and the next time they had class asked her out. This upcoming weekend would be their second date and safe to say im not happy in the slightest.

Now I'm rational enough to know that no one's to blame for this. He happened to just ask her out, she happened to be the type of girl all you have to do is ask out, and i happened to be the guy who tried the "friends then lovers" approach a lot of girls claim they want.

All I'm saying is it sucks that with asking a girl out the method u choose is hit or miss. V_V


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  • Let her go. Who knows.. maybe she’s after him because he comes from wealth or is well known to others maybe even introduced by peers. I’d move on and let her come back begging. Trust me she may just be trouble and you just dodged a bullet

  • Don't lose sleep over her. She's not worth it. She's a shallow tramp and much too shallow for you. There are loads of better women out there, and you will find that out. I know.

  • Wouldn’t call her a tramp XD but I’m not ignorant to the fact that some guys have to put in more effort than others to get girls. Don’t know what she would have said if I just asked up front. But like I said, some girls want to be friends before you ask them out while others you can ask out upfront. I guess I know which type she is now.

  • You freaking neckbeard

  • Lol,welcome to the friend zone neckbeard!!!

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