Mom son loving

I can't stop myself. I'm a 53 year old women widowed for 15 years and did not have s** during those year until 2 years ago.

Since then my 20 year old son now shares my bed each night and I made love to him almost every day.

His c*** is magnificent and he makes me c** everytime.

I never had oral or a*** s** with my late husband, but I willingly suck and swallow my son's c**. I live for him to take me in the ass roughly.

He said he loves me and only wants me, and my body gets him rock hard.

I am madly in love with my son, and want him inside me all the time. I m********* several times a day at work thinking about him.


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  • Go for it sweetie. Enjoy your time with a young sexually strong man, the incest part of your affair just makes it all that much hotter and sexier.

  • Let it go ..

  • Love my mom so much. We have amazing, hot s** and we both enjoy it. My mom told me that I could have s** with her when I was 15 and I remember the first night we f*****, I came in her without meaning to and she had to get a plan b pill. We always take our clothes off before we get into bed, and then we start to touch each other and make love eventually. She lets me shoot my load in her mouth sometimes and I love it when she lets me do that. I love my mom and I know that she wants to make me happy, having s** with your mom is the best feeling in the world.

  • This is a great thing for a mother and her son.

  • My mom and I have been having s** for a while and we both enjoy it. I love C****** on her tummy after we finish. I think it's just a special thing for a woman and her son to have s** together.

  • A mother and son have a special connection. There's nothing more natural than making love to your mom.

  • It's the best feeling in the world, isn't it?

  • My mom is very attractive and when we make love I'm always telling her how sexy she is, how good she feels, and how much I love her in every way. When she really gets going she starts making a lot of noise.

  • There is nothing wrong with s** between a mother and her son. Just make sure you use contraception.

  • I agree, I f***** my 85 yr.old mom for the first time, and I must say she is amazing. in bed. although it was slow going at first. the p**** was so tight and I couldn't go deep at first only the head at first with slow and easy thrust the mus ell slowly relaxed and i was then able to penetrate to the base of my d*** . all of the while she talking nasty and telling me how much she loved me. how good it feel and I should f*** her more often, and I will.

  • I was still having sexual intercourse with my mum when she was 91 and I was 50. The p ussy of a woman of that age is incredibly tight. F ucking her slowly, and ensuring that my c ock was rubbing he sensitive c litoris was always sure to bring her off. Mum taught me that when I was 12 years old!

  • Started oral with my son when he was small, taught him to eat my p****, he f***** me at 10 but couldn't c**, we f***** until he married

  • I was the same with my son, but we continued after he was married. He still visits me at least twice a week to eat my p ussy and f uck me. Even today, his father suspects nothing!

  • I guess it doesn't matter to you the kind of trauma you will be inflicting on your son. Enjoy it while it lasts because eventually he and others will wise up.

  • He did rise up it got nice and hard for mummy's p****

  • Cheap bullshit story

  • I'm 55 and also widowed. But I have twin sons and I let them double team me when ever they want. Which is all the time.

    I was 43 when it started and they when 18. It has been the most erotic 12 years of my life. My days start by giving them both blow jobs and swallowing their loads.

    In the house I'm naked all the timeso they can play with me anytime they want. If we go out I wear a short dress with no bra or panties so they can touch me, I love when they do it and expose my body so people know what is going on.

    Sometimes we meet a lunch time and they both have a quickie with me. At night they use me until I pass out from c******. They fill me with so much c** each day it dripped out of me.

    I give them so much s** they rush home to me, and don't get attracted to women their age.

    They know I'll do any dirty, disgusting and preverted thing sexually they ask for.

    I ready, will and able to be they s** toys 24/7.

    They only want me and I only want them.

  • Why nobody shares the details of how it started,how the seduction took place?

  • I'm with Sami. Do what makes you happy,you both deserve happiness.
    And Sami,are you from the uk? As maybe we should hook up? I'm a 36 M. X

  • Yes i am uk x but im married sorry xxx sami

  • You have shaved p****

  • No worries sami😊 I'm southwest btw👍 would be hot to have no strings fun with you tho,even if its just me sniffing your wet knickers!! X

  • Does married stop us having great s** x

  • I think that as adults you can f*** each others brains out as often as yo want x sami

  • I think that as two adults you have every right to f*** each others brains out as often as you want x sami

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