That's nothing.

This is in response to the girl getting walked in on after getting a facial.
when I was 16 my best friend and I were doing some experimenting, She was going through her sisters room looking for beer money and had found her older sisters stash of toys and videos, She came straight to my house since my parents were away for the weekend, We obviously started messing with them and In playing with them we had gotten a little carried away and were under the blankets each using one of the toys while watching a video of her sister and her sisters boyfriend when her sisters friend entered the scene, We both looked at each other wide eyed and when her friend buried her face in between her sisters legs and her boyfriend started banging her friend from behind she went silent just staring at the tv.
We were both just quiet but then she looked at me and I at her, I knew right away that we were going to do it and pretty soon we were all over each other, We had started reenacting some of what we were watching and when her sisters friend straddled her sisters face she did the same to me. I was in oblivion and she was sitting on my face sliding a d**** in me, Suddenly she stopped and there was about a 3-4 second pause before she got off me and I looked up to see my cousin who is also a mutual friend, two other male friends and three female friends some of whim were together and some who were single and they were all standing there.
All six of them were just staring at us and my friend and I jumped under the blankets, They all started laughing and the guys were trying to get us to continue, I had forgotten that the doors were not locked and my cousin had brought everyone over knowing my parents were out of town.
Talk about destroying a girls reputation but I did get a few dates out of it, Boys and girls, I'm now strictly girls but who knows, I am pretty open to anything.



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  • That's cool because I was caught off guard by my sister having s** with my drunk passed out cold sleeping mother when my sister walked into the room and I was having s** with my mom. My sister just stood there looking at me like I was some kind of pervert and she said why are you doing that to Mom? I answered her by saying because I can she's so drunk she has never woken up. Then my sister said you've done this before and it was to late she knew what I was doing with our drunk mother for months and months.

  • I almost couldn't be bothered to respond to this bullshit. However I simply can't ignore it.
    This is such bullshit it makes me angry. Stop with the bullshit posts you C.U.N.T.S

  • She forgot to add in the part where her mom walked in with her grandma and they all started f****** each other. Then her uncle showed up and he started f****** everyone. Now the whole block gets together once a week and f**** each other in this massive g*******. They all do it right out in the streets. Even the cops join in on all the f******.

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