I'm a straight male and I like to wear pantyhose at home.

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  • Good for you. I am wearing my silk nightie. Have shaved my body so the silk feels so wonderful on my skin. Always wear panties and bra when I can. Feel better now just cu m in my nightie.

  • That's OK. Women wear male clothes and nobody judges them, so why should we, straight men, constrain ourselves? I wear them too, mostly shiny CdR Vidrio 15 den along with see-trough (mostly pink) panties and I also shave my legs, chest, underarm and "down there". Sometimes I paint my toenails in pink, purple or red. I wear all these almost on a daily basis under my normal male clothes and it feels amazing.

  • I wear panties bra and pantyhose under my man clothes. Amazing feeling. Also have a big supply of nighties that I wear every night. I enjoy playing with my hard nipples and wrapping the nightie round my ha rd co ck and cu mming a massive load in them.

  • I wear my cousins panties

  • Never wore any but my wife used to like wearing garter belts & stocking and no panties to go out and flash her p****. On several occasions, I rubbed my c*** back and forth over her stockings until I'd shoot a huge load of c** on her legs.

  • I wear pantyhose and panties under my trousers. The feeling is amazing specially when I cu m in them and walk around with the stickey load all over me

  • When I was in elementary school I had to wear tights as part of a costume in a school play. For ages after I would wear the tights under my jeans. sometimes I would wear them to bed.

    After a couple of years my mom found out. I remember being so ashamed and embarrassed. But mom was really nice about it. She bought me a new pair that better fit and used to encourage me to wear them.

    I have just split from my wife who thought my eating tights was just another thing sick about me. I am so glad my mom was loving and cool with it.

  • When I was 16 I used to take my sister's pantyhose and put them on. I would j****** while wearing them because the feel of the material made me h****. My mom used to b**** at my sister because they could never find her pantyhose. Little did they know I was the one taking them.

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