Fantasy meets Fetish (Wife)

I am have often dreamt of my wife hooking up with a mutual old friend of ours. At first we have a threesome and I can picture her resistance to him at first but as his c*** teases her p**** her body gives in allowing him to enter her. I can see her arch her back, nipples erect as he thrusts. He lifts her legs up and begins ramming her harder and harder as he is about to pull out she wants him to finish in her demanding he plant his seed in her. He does...

Later she tells me she is going away for the weekend and actually goes to visit him, they f*** all weekend and she comes home glistening... two months later she thinks she may be carrying his baby.

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  • I know a lot of people have this fantasy. Mostly guys. I had this fantasy for years. 28 years to be exact. I married my highschool sweetheart right out of school at 18. I used to tell her all the time that I wanted to see a guy have s** with her. I told her this for 28 years and everytime she told me no. For my 46th Birthday we decided to go to Vegas. We got drunk and again like usual I told her I wanted to see her have s** with another guy. She being drunk and h**** told me if I really wanna her to, she would this one time while we were in Vegas. I was so happy I didn't know what to do with myself. 28 years of asking and she was finally going to do it. She got all dressed up in a little slutty dress and headed to the casino by herself. A little while later she returned with a guy about half her age. I watched for an hour as this guy who was 20 something sucked and licked every inch of her body before proceeding to f*** the s*** out of her. My wife did things with this guy and acted like no woman I had ever seen before. She sucked his c*** harder and deepthroated him like she was a p*** star. She let him f*** her doggy style while smacking the s*** out of her ass, and she loved every minute of the night. He got dressed and left when they finally finished. I could not believe what I had just watched and believed my wife had turned Into another person. I was so jealous and hurt that she had never done anything like that with me but just let a totally stranger treat her like a complete s***. I never said anything except to agree with her that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We have never done anything like that again and I don't ever talk about it now. Fantasy was definitely better than reality. That is where this fantasy should stay.

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