I keep getting Pregnant

I think my husband keeps getting me pregnant to make me fat. He loves the extra weight, the extra curves, and the bigger belly, bum and b****. He really misses the extra chubbiness after I slim down. We have a lot of kids now, and I’m ready to be done with starting over with babies every couple years. Should I just gain fifty pounds and make him happy? I wouldn’t be too overweight if I gained fifty pounds, but I do think he would be a lot happier if I was a lot heavier. I could stop having kids and he would stop trying to get me pregnant every couple years!



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  • I think you need to have a serious talk with him and tell him NO MORE KIDS and your body is yours. Whether you are slim or not, it’s your choice!

  • Just gain the weight and live your life. Our society is so obsessed with looking good, not necessarily feeling good. If some extra weight on your thighs and belly are a turn on for him and it makes you feel good, there is nothing wrong with that.

  • I say gain the weight and demand something from him, like more chores around the house! It's really not too bad having a little extra weight. My husband doesn't seem to mind...

  • Give him some extra love while you add on some pounds and everyone should be happy!

  • I think most husbands say they mind, but they don’t really. Culture says they have to be attracted to skinny women, but a guy knows what he finds attractive and most guys find a lot of different body types attractive, not just one. I’ve put on weight, but my husband likes it. I worried that an extra 50-60 pounds would turn him off, but the extra weight had the opposite effect. He definitely is more physically affectionate with me at a much heavier weight. It’s like he’s always wanted to be with a bigger woman, but was too embarrassed to be with a bigger woman. His once skinny wife getting bigger seems to have been an easy escape. And he has never asked or encouraged me to lose weight, and he just tells me how attracted he is to me now.

  • I agree. I always tried to stay so slim for my husband until he told me that he didn’t mind if I gained weight. I backed off the workouts a bit and definitely started showing in my thighs and stomach, but he said he liked the extra weight. And I liked the extra attention. So it was a win-win for us as a couple. I’m less uptight about my size now knowing that it’s not a big deal to him. He would rather be happy everyday with a chubbier wife than parade a trophy wife around for his guy friends once a month.

  • My husband prefers me bigger. I've been a size 6 and a size 18 during our marriage, and he always liked it more when I was in bigger dress sizes. He says a woman should be soft and round, not look like a triathlete Olympian. I guess it's good for me since it's much easier to maintain a size 18 than an Olympic body! Bring on the cookies and ice cream!

  • Yes!! My hubby definitely wants me chubby! But as long as he is into me, then the extra weight is OK for me.

  • Your serious! You and only you have 100% say When it comes to pregnancy. Men have no say at all and haven’t for years. We have a negative birth rate in America. IUD’s , contraceptive foams jellies, Diaphragms , Condoms, the pill, the ring and don’t the shot is now good for three months , plus after two shots your period stops. You can get your tubes tied or block your Fallopian tubes with out him knowing. Men have no say. If he gets a vasectomy you can collect his sperm now from him (i refuse to say how ) when he is asleep and through IVF then bang you are knocked up . DNA proves its his and he will say its impossible. If you get pregnant its your fault

  • I know how to not get pregnant. That’s easy. What I’m saying is I think he wouldn’t want anymore kids if I looked more like I did when I’m pregnant, big and fat.

  • >>"I know how to not get pregnant. That’s easy."
    Then maybe try that? Because that's a really selfish reason to bring more people into this world.

  • She didn't say she didn't want the kids she has. I'm sure she loves them and loves her husband. She's just worried her husband's preferences might make him want another baby. I say just talk to him about it and really understand what you want and what he wants. If you don't mind too much, and you think it could make your relationship stronger, then I don't see anything wrong with a bigger dress size and some more sweets and treats around the house.

  • Creating a new life just to indulge a fetish is one of the most selfish things you could possibly do. Heed this very simple wisdom, close your legs, and eat more bacon. Dumbass!

  • You need to have an honest and open discussion with him about things. My husband was the same way, I was shocked at first that he truly liked me heavier, but I decided to try gaining a bit of weight. I was unsure at first but now LOVE being a BBW and we are very happy. He let me decide however "if" I wanted to be heavier and "if" I liked it.

  • How much weight did you gain? How quickly did you gain it?

  • At what point did you realize you liked being bigger? What do you like about it?

  • Sounds like he loves you a lot!

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