Bitter Sweet

My wife finally told me today that she doesn't want to do marriage therapy anymore because she will never love me and doesn't want to. Honestly, I suffered for nearly five years of a loveless sexless marriage. I tried to make it work because I truly loved her, and I have two wonderful children with her. We have been married almost 9 years. I am sad and hurt because of investing everything into her, but I also feel like the largest burden has been lifted off my shoulders. We plan to separate with the intent to divorce in May when our rental agreement is over. I am planning on contacting this beautiful woman that I used to have the biggest crush on for the past two years. She started a different job a few weeks ago. She liked me too, but I didn't approach her because I was being faithful to my unloving wife. I cannot wait to contact her.

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  • Don't wait, go for it. Be sure to tell your miserable to drop dead.

  • Where are the people that should come in our lives because they love us and not because they want to simply use us. Next time I meet a man, I will say everything has to be paid dutch so neither of us feels we owe. Problem is, I’m a generous person. If you are my guest, I share what I have. If you are my significant other, more so. But all my life, I’ve been taken advantage of. Sick of it.

  • You mentioned you tried for five years to make it work out. You will never have to worry about this as long as you tried. No guilt trips no regrets. Move on with your life and hold no grudges. Be the better person

  • With the divorce proceeding will there be a custody battle ? Kids depending on the age will need counseling because in majority of cases they think it was their fault that the parents split. Good luck sir.

  • Look at it this way it can only get better. I finally left my controlling unloving sexless wife. She only wanted me around because I made descent money and she got spoiled. She didn't really know how to parent and I did but I had had enough, I fired her as a wife. It worked out beyond my dreams. I got involved and then married blond bombshell who was fun, kind, great step mom and into s ex. My ex absolutely seethed smoke out of her ears for years after.

  • Hey man! I hope you get a wonderful new girl!!

  • Please be Christopher

  • I am sorry for you as well

  • Let him enjoy some hot lovemaking

  • Give it some time before jumping into a relationship. Your children are going to need a little time to get adjusted to their parents divorcing and you moving out. Good luck on your new life.

  • I suffered for nearly five years of a loveless sexless marriage. I tried to make it work because I truly loved her,

    Describes me too. We were married over 20 years with at least the last 15 me trying to make it work.

    It guts me. Makes me feel worthless.

    She moved out.

    I got a girlfriend.

    Makes me feel much more alive.

  • You might want to consider rebound fling but I'd definitely contact her as well with no regrets.

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