Cold snap

When I was 15 I was in boy scouts. I got inducted into the order of the arrow, a sub group in boy scouts. I went to summer camp for my ordeal that was to be held towards the middle of the week. Believe it or not boy scouts has always accepted girls in the organization so it wasn't uncommon to see girls at summer camp. The night of our ordeal I was tapped out along with several other boys from other troops and one girl named Tina who had also been inducted. They took us around the woods and dropped us off in various locations where we were to spend the night alone. I was dropped off not far from where Tina was dropped off. I was just unrolling my sleeping bag when Tina came walking up to me. Scared the s*** out of me. She told me she didn't like sleeping alone and wanted to know if I would let her sleep next to me. I told her it was fine with me. Around midnight the wind picked up and the temperature started to drop. Tina and I zipped are sleeping bags together and crawled inside to stay warm. I figured the leaders would come get us but after an hour the wind calmed back down and it wasn't as cold. I asked Tina If she wanted to separate but she said no. We kept talking most of the night and eventually our talk turned to s**. I asked her if she had ever had s**. She said no and then asked me. I had not had s** neither. She asked me if she could feel my c***. So I pulled it out and let her grab ahold of it. I asked her if I could feel her p****. She pulled her pants down and placed my hand between her legs. I slipped one finger inside her and then another. She continued to stroke my c***. I asked her if I could put my c*** inside her but she said that wouldn't be a good idea considering we had no protection. I told her I would pull out before I e*********, but she still said no. I would love to tell you we ended up having s** but we didn't. We played with each other for a while until I ended up c****** on her hand. We had to grab some long grass to clean up with before we finally fell asleep. The next morning we had to be woken up by the leaders. They weren't too mad at us for sleeping together and actually commended us for survival skills during the cold snap that blew through during the night. We had to work all day the next day for the ordeal project and we were both dead tired by the time we finished. Tina and I never did have s**, but she was still my first sexual experience.

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  • I would have f***** her p**** anyway. i mean it's like this if you want to keep warm then i am going to f*** you. so it would be easier if you just let me put my d*** in your p****. i am going to do it anyway. it can be willingly or by force but if i do it by force it will be extremely painful.

  • No way dude. That's rape. This was a sweet experience. No reason to turn it into something brutal.

  • You didn’t pursue Tina later in?

  • Tina and I didn't live in the same town.

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