Confused by step daughter

I have a 10 year old step daughter (P) and she is super cute. I have a great relationship with my wife and we are extremely sexually active. P is in love with me as much if not more than my wife is. She tells me all the time how much she loves me and is always on me or up against me, piggy back rides, sitting on my lap or tightly against me on the couch or in a chair. She wears typical 10 year old clothes, leggings and little tops, and the tiniest of pajamas. There have been a few times when she's been super close to me that I have felt my c*** start to get hard. It's not something I'm doing on purpose, but just feeling her body against me creates an inner drive that reacts on its own. I know there are times when she has noticed it and I move her away from me, but she always comes back and gets even closer to me, brushing her arms and legs and even her fingers over my c***. I've never had a daughter before her and this is all new to me. I know for a fact that I will never do anything to hurt her, I love her as my own and I don't want her to have a messed up life because of me. I'm more curious if this is "normalish" behavior for girls this age.


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  • I think my daughter has discovered that rubbing herself against things feels good. I noticed her doing it to the end of the couch and chairs. Lately she’s taken to doing her rubbing on my lap. I get so hard but I let her keep at it for a bit before I move her away. A couple times I felt like I was going to c** in my pants and had to retreat into the bathroom to beat off.

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  • Oh your going to c** so hard and she's going to scream a little but it don't matter your d*** won't let you stop and by the time it's over she enjoying you

  • She cryed..

  • What does it feel like

  • She seems very interested and curious. Let her see you naked by accident and see of she comes on to you.
    Then go for it! You'll regret it years from now like I did by not getting that sweet young p****.

  • Agreed get any young p**** you can my youngest was 8

  • Younger girls are always the best to f***. Bald tight p******. I love seeing them buck, and moan.

  • I would love to f*** an 8 year old lil girl

  • Would love to see a guy f*** an 8 yr old or younger

  • You have one you can watch me f*** her I love very young p****

  • Any nepi lover.

  • Lateley my eldest has being acting sexual towards me..

  • She wants daddy d*** in her

  • Lick het bald p****

  • Does "P' stand for pedophilia? You're f*cking sick.

  • No it stands for p**** and I love it tiny

  • 8-13..

  • My niece is 13

  • Baby plus

  • Hello you there?

  • Yes im here...

  • Time to ditch the wife and make her your new wife, 10 yr old p**** everyday

  • You need to learn boundaries and tell her the same. The wife should know because if the daughter thinks sexual touching is okay she can be charged with sexual assult, just like a boy her age would be charged.

    The parents need to correct the girls assumptions. Simply manners of hands to yourself. So no lap rides guy. Stand up next time and get a drink of water. Stop it before one of you is in front of a judge.

  • Some girls start their puberty earlier. There hormones are starting to be in overdrive. Just stay calm and do not cross over to do any harm. Get up and go to the fridge and get a couple of ice cubes for yourself.

  • Little daughter is acting like that and my wife spank's her every time. she has even started too m********* in company at home or sometime's in public..

  • Love to watch her doing it

  • Leave her be do not draw attention. Most of the time people are so wrapped up they do not know what is happening. Spanking her because of this will cause confusion.

  • Im ok with it and lt's my wife who has the problem. she is only nine year's old. she also hate's wareing pantie's. lf i bring her out. l dont mind her going pantieless. but wife insists on it. she's just a frees spirit i guess our daughter..

  • You should take pics of her

  • Your wife's upbringing is the cause of that attitude. I am sure your wife thinks that way about bras also.

  • Wife has just left and daughter is just in from school now..

  • Has she took her knickers off yet?

  • ? what and she has her uniform on..

  • My poor angel girl and lt's as you said how my wife was raised. l let her run around nude if she wishes when wife is away. she is going away this afternoon till tuesday for a hens party..

  • My wife is going away as well, I will have some nice alone time with my girl, allowing her whatever freedom she chooses.

  • ? how old is she..

  • She's 12, loves to wear the tiniest of clothes, I swear, she's still wearing stuff from 3 years ago.

  • ? you there..

  • Yeah, sorry, gonna be busy. Getting ready for the pool.

  • ? would you like too let them chat later..

  • Would you like too put her on too my little one.? describe her for me.? do you ever spank her ad part off discipline..

  • Little one sounds nice I love tods/baby

  • My one is nine..

  • We dped a 9 year old school girl daddy

  • Lovely flat chest and bald p****

  • Yes indeed.? would you like too chat with her..

  • I would love to chat with her

  • Yes please

  • I like seeing it very young and hairless too

  • I use to have reg access to a 6yo irl, but I messed that up big time

  • The c*** is so nice at 6

  • Months that is

  • Can I come over and see her naked?

  • It appears your daughter will have some freedom.

  • Lf she wishes and she is just a darling. lt's my wife's issues. and not our daughter's fault..

  • I feel sick...burn in h*** you f****** pos!

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