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I am a widower, I'm 43 with a 7 yo daughter. My step son(24), who was like my own son, died in an auto accident 4 months ago. He and his GF "Kim" (not her real name)(23) had a son who is now 19 months. 2 months ago she told me she could no longer afford the house they were renting. My daughter loves her and her son is great. I offered to let them move in with me and we could help each other with the kids and she accepted. Now comes the twist. Two weeks ago she found a contract that I had printed out for my wife and I. It was a comtract of ownership where my wife would be my owner and I would be her slave. Two weeks my mother-in-law took the kids for the weekend so we could get a brake. I took her out to dinner Fri. night and we had a great time with food and drinks. After we got home she opened a bottle of wine and we sat and talked. Thats when she told me what she found and showed it to me. I was at a loss for words and she said it was OK. Kim then told me to look it over. When I looked it over I saw me as "slave" and Kim as "Mistress". She said she thought about it and decided that I still needed an owner. She said she would not force me to sign it, she already did, but she wanted me to sign it and I wouldn't regret it. I was stunned, she is beautiful with an amazing body, she could have any guy she wanted. Why me? Well the way she was looking at me, I couldn't resist her. I picked up the pen pen and signed it, she just smiled at me and said "good boy". She took the contract, put it away ans said "now you belong to me". She sat in a chair made me stand in front of her and said "strip for me slave and show me my property". I did as she commanded and enjoyed it. The rest of the weekend was her training and disciplineing me. That was two week ago and since then I have been obedient. Sometimes she disciplines me just for her plkeasure and I love it. She doesn't know I'm confessing this or she would punish me severely, ok, I might tell her. there is something sexy about a 23 yr. old woman owning me, a 43 yr. old guy, that turns me on. I will do anything she tells me to do, wear anything she tells me to wear, do ANYTHING she tells me to do. I just can't resist her and I liove the fact that she is my owner and I am her property, her s** slave.
If u want a coppy of our contract, email me... and I'll send it to you.

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  • wtf about ur dead son u sick f***

  • thats hot
    i wanna be someones slave

  • ^ LOL ! !

  • I don't even speak spanish but..... que?????

  • Just as well. I think it's bullshit.

  • WAAAAAAAYYY too long to even bother reading, but with that comment above, I'm glad I didn't!

  • f**

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