Exhibitionist Boy

The summer after I turned 16 I would bike to one of 3 local parks that were
next to lakes. I would put a fake cast on my right arm and walk around until I
found a group of boys playing that were between the ages of 6 to 12. I would
pretend that I was developmentally disabled and ask one of the boys if they
would help me change into my bathing suit. Because boys that age are naturally curious, there would always be someone eager to help me. They would walk me into a nearby bathroom and start to undress me, and with only one exception, by the time they had my shoes and socks off, the other boys would wander into the bathroom and gather around in the hopes of seeing me
completely naked.
They would take my shirt off and unfasten my belt. By the time they would unzip and remove my pants I would start to feel slightly aroused because there would be between 5 and ten boys standing there eager to see the last step. Once they took my underwear off they would all openly stare at me with eyes wide, either because of my full bush or my foreskin. Every once in a while they would put my bathing suit on in 20 or 30 seconds, but most boys would prolong my nudity by digging in my bag pretending they couldn't find my bathing suit. If I was ever in a bathroom with a Trough style urinal they would walk me to one end of the urinal while the others gathered at the sides and tell me I had to pee before they would put my suit on. Because I did such a convincing job of seeming retarded, the younger AND the older boys stared at me up close with zero shame. If I didn't start peeing right away, a few of the boys would slide my foreskin back and forth while the others giggled. I remember once I got a full erection due to the stimulation.
After it had gone down and I'd peed, the boys shook me until I became hard
again, then he made me stand there erect in front of 8 other boys while he washed his hands, then FINALLY put my suit on.



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  • Six is real hot hope you enjoyed them

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  • Do you not get bored of posting the same s*** over and over?

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  • Did they make you c**?,

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