Jeremy Kyle

My friend works on the production team for the Jeremy Kyle show.
For those who don't know,its like a jerry Springer type programme,where the best of British scum and benefits scroungers have it out at each other on national tv. From cheaters,to thieves,to domestics. Zone of them even have more than 5 teeth in their heads,although this is rare.
One of the main things about the Jezza show,is the famous lie detector!!!
You always see the vermin protesting their innocence,even tho the results clearly say they lied.

"I never cheated!!"

"I never stole your phone to buy drugs!"

"I don't know why it says I kissed your sister,its wrong I tells ya!!!"

All these are commonly heard as the family's lives are shattered,trust is lost, and angry flares up!
Its what we all love and find amusing about it.

Yet, my friend,who is part of the lie detector team,a very respectful,respectable well educated person, for his own (and mine) sick enjoyment,sometimes changes them from innocent to guilty!!!

He's caused so much confusion,pain and anger!!
The well trusted lie detector results are a complete fabrication ,based on how he finds the person. If the guys a scumbag,or cocky,he'll ruin them.

He always makes the cheating ones come out
as a lie,as they're the funniest to watch!!

So ,if you ever watch it,and see someone protest their innocence,who knows,they may be telling the truth!

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  • Love too kick the s*** out off jeremy piles. he is a looser and carboard setting. doctor phil is proper a real. that little f** jeremy is a sad little man. l love when he gets slapped like the b**** he is.

  • I'm going to beat you up,you CAD!!!!!

  • All's fair in love and war . . . and in carnival sideshows. Nobody believes any of what happens on those shows: they're just for entertainment. It's all good dirty fun.

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